How To Permanently Delete Data So That It Is Not Recoverable?

You have just learned from the previous article that deleted files are recoverable. Now you seriously want to know How To Permanently Delete Data so that it is not recoverable.

It could be your personal videos, pictures, or important files. But data recovery tools are making the task difficult for you. What to do now?

Don’t panic! You can permanently delete data files by shredding those files. Like the Chef at the restaurant cooks food by shredding vegetables using the grating blade of a food processor.

How To Permanently Delete Data
How To Permanently Delete Data

Similarly, developers have developed a number of software by which you can easily shred your files to ensure that they are irrecoverable by any means.

An example of free file shredding software is File Shredder which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

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How To Permanently Delete Data:

Be ready to follow our instructions to permanently delete data using File Shredder.

  1. Download and Install File Shredder from
  2. Run File Shredder from the Start Menu.
  3. File Shredder wizard opens in front of you.
  4. Click on Add File or Add Folder in the left side pane to select the file/folder you want to shred. Selected files will appear in the Dialog Box as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Click on the Shred File Now button. Selected files will be permanently deleted; these will not be recoverable by any means.

Note: The File Shredder deletes data by rewriting the files with a random sequence of binary data several times.

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Other Similar Tools to Permanently Delete Data:-

How To Permanently Delete Data
How To Permanently Delete Data

Note: Links mentioned below are case-sensitive. Please do take care of capital and small letters while typing out the link in your computer browser.


So, the guy’s this is the completed guidance on How To Permanently Delete Data So That It Is Not Recoverable?, I hope you got complete knowledge about THow To Permanently Delete Data.

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