How to send your own photo Stickers on WhatsApp

Recently added WhatsApp feature lets you send Stickers directly from WhatsApp which is much similar to hike application. Now every WhatsApp user can send and receive stickers If they have downloaded or updated the latest WhatsApp version.

Stickers are very helpful to share our emotions or expression to others and now every WhatsApp users can directly send Stickers to express their emotions friend,s family, and loved ones.

Is it possible to send your own pictures as stickers? Yes, it is possible to send your own photo Stickers on WhatsApp Here is a full article on “How to send your own photo Stickers on WhatsApp”.

Send your own photo Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a feature to add more stickers but this needs a third-party application that can be found on play store as well.

Below I have described the process of sending your own photo Stickers on WhatsApp in Step by step. After adding your own WhatsApp stickers you can remove or delete the third party application which is used to add stickers.

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If the stickers features haven’t added After downloading or updating the latest Whatsapp Application then you should check out our latest article on “How to use WhatsApp stickers features”. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

How to Create your own photo Stickers

Step 1. At first, you have to capture your own or those pictures which you want to create WhatsApp sticker. Remember to capture quality photos and make sure that the background is white so it will be easier to edit.

Step 2. After your photo is captured. Now download “Background Eraser” Application from the play store which will erase your photo background and create a png file.Background Eraser

Step 3. To Erase Background simply load your photo and select Auto Now, slowly clear the background and save it to a new folder which will be easy to add on WhatsApp.

Step 4. After your photo successfully created now download another application “Personal Stickers for WhatsApp” from the play store.Personal Stickers for Whatsapp

Step 5. Now open the application and simply add your photos as stickers on WhatsApp. Enjoy

Finally, you have created your own stickers for WhatsApp which can be found on WhatsApp stickers section now use them and send it to your friend and surprise them. Hope you enjoy the article please leave a comment below if you face any problem.

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