How to Make Money Online As a Freelancer

You are a student or a housewife or are in between jobs. Do you want to How to Make Money Online As a Freelancer working from home and working at your own pace?

Looking for temporary and part-time jobs online is a great option. So you are searching for a website that provides online jobs. But the dark reality is that there are a number of fake websites present on the Internet. They make false promises that you can easily Make Money Online.

After paving registration fees or after completing assigned jobs, you realize that you have been created. The result is empty pockets with no payment after you have invested a substantial amount of time in your work. Now you want to know “How to genuinely Make Money Online?” Here’s how.

How to Make Money Online As a Freelancer
How to Make Money Online As a Freelancer

You can genuinely Make Money Online by working as an online freelancer. When we speak of someone who is an online freelancer, we refer to that person who works online for one or more clients, rendering services as a full time or a part-time employee with flexible timings from a location of their choosing.

As stated earlier there are several kinds of people who prefer this type of work for the many advantages of working online offers. New moms taking a break from their professional careers can keep in touch with their field of expertise by option for an online career.

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Students on vacation looking to Make Money Online or to earn some extra cash can also opt for been sorts of jobs online. Other advantages include being able to choose your work hours, being able to work from a location of your choice even working while traveling.

If you believe you are confident in your subject and you have a lot of offer professionally then there are many online opportunities which will let you Make Money Online as a freelancer.

Opportunities such as content writing, data entry, logo/website design, web development, software development, online teaching, etc. are available in abundance on some genuine freelancing websites which will help you to Make Money Online.

Best Websites to Make Money Online As a Freelancer:

Best Websites to Make Money Online As a Freelancer:
Best Websites to Make Money Online As a Freelancer


Website Address:


Website Address:


Website Address:

Website Address:


Website Address:


Website Address: www.peopleperhourcom


Website Address:

Note:- Registration awl applying for projects are free on some of these websites while others charge a nominal fee for the same. But our research reveals that all of these websites are genuine.

So, we recommend you create an account on any of these sites with your details without any hesitation or worry to look for work.

How these Websites work

You have to register on any of the websites listed earlier. After registering yourself, that is listing your relevant work experience, uploading samples of your work, and the kind of work you are looking for, your freelancer/contractor account will be created on the website.

Fill all information like your past work experience, your skills, etc in your freelancer/contractor account as per instructions provided on each of the websites.

Every prospective employer or potential client will post an available job(s) on the above-mentioned websites. You, as a freelancer/contractor, have to bid for the job. Just like you, other contractors from different parts of the world will bid for the job.

Eventually, the freelancer/ contractor who suits the employer’s requirements best will be awarded the job. Suffice to say that the jobs with the lowest bids (amount to be tendered to the freelancer) accompanied by the best and most appropriate skills for the work will be hired to work on the posted job.

How will you be paid?

All websites have different payment methods to pay you after the successful completion of the job. Different payment methods are as follows:-

  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer to your Bank Account
  • Check/Money Order
  • Payoneer Debit Card
  • Prepaid Master Card

You have to register for a payment method you prefer when you create your freelancer/contractor account or when you would like to withdraw your earned money from the freelancing website.

It is worthwhile to note that the only disadvantage of freelance work is that the stipulated pay may take some time to reach you. Often, even though your work is subject to the highest standards and the most stringent deadlines, your payment may take as many as 12 weeks (3 months) to reach you.

As a result of this, you may not be able to depend on this remuneration for your regular expenses. Often, this may prove to be rather demotivating but unfortunately, this is something that cannot be avoided by freelancers.

After working for a client for a time however, even as briefly as on one or two assignments, you may be able to judge who is a regular paymaster and who does not pay on time.

So you can pick and choose which work you apply for after you gain some experience.

Tips to be a reputable and efficient freelancer/contractor

Tip1. First, create your account on any one of the recommended websites. Follow instructions on how to make your individual profile a good freelancer/contractor profile so that you can attract as many prospective employers as possible.

This will allow you to choose the most suitable work for you to apply for, with ideal payment and submission timelines. Don’t try to mess yourself by operating on all websites at one time, start with one website and get to know, the manner in which this website functions in order to get the most out of it Give yourself a time limit.

If you are unable to find suitable, work for yourself even after this time lapses then you can explore other options.

Tip2. Create an impressive profile and portfolio by including your work experiences, skills, and qualifications. Sharing samples of one’s work is often recommended.

Tip3. You will face some difficulties with understanding the working of the website. To get familiar with the website, you should read each and every instruction carefully.

Tip4. To land your first job doesn’t target a huge amount as remuneration from the client. You have to apply for the job with a reasonable bid.

Tip5. Don’t think negatively when you don’t get a reply for the job you have applied. Do try by again by bidding for jobs posted by other clients.

Tip6. The purpose should be getting/winning the job, working honestly for the client, and efficiently completing the work before the deadline given by the client.

Tip7. Good feedback from the client after completion of the job will add value to your freelancing/contractor profile. Always try to satisfy the client to get good feedback.

Tip8. First, complete jobs in hand before applying for a new job.

Tip9. Try to build a good relationship with old clients, as it is very easy to get a new job from an old client rather than searching for a new client every time. Do use Skype, Viber, and emails for direct communication with the client who is usually based outside of your country of residence.

Tip10. As discussed earlier, we suggest that you give it your best on your chosen website. If you don’t get sufficient and suitable response from your chosen website, shift yourself to another freelancing website.


So, the guy’s this is the completed guidance on how to Make Money Online As a Freelancer, I hope you got complete knowledge about Earning Online. So what is your next doubt please leave your thought in the comment section below.

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