More How To's How to Install ADB, the Android Debug Bridge Tool

How to Install ADB, the Android Debug Bridge Tool

Add is a versatile command-line utility which is known as Android Debug Bridge. You can use ADB to control your Android device from a Computer over USB data cable.

The ADB command provides a variety of device actions, such as installing and debugging apps. In simple words, and is a command-line tool through which you control Android Device using commands codes.


There are many things about adb which you can know, using ADB you can do anything on Android which may not be right for everyday activities, yet it has some benefits which are very useful if you are a developer.

For example, you can access hidden features, install apps from outside directly on a device, debug apps and lots more. So for security reason, this feature is disabled and need to enable to access the features to unlock developer option you need to enable USB Debugging Mode as well.

Install ADB, the Android Debug Bridge Tool.

Step 1. Download the file for Windows.

Step 2. Now extract the contents of the ZIP file into a new folder.

Step 3. Now in the “New Folder” open up a Command Prompt. This can be done by holding shift and Right-clicking on the mouse.install adb on pc

Step 4. Now plug your Android device into your computer via USB cable. Change the USB mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode.

Step 5. Now in the command prompt window, enter the following command: ADB devices

Make sure you have installed USB Drivers successfully on your PC.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to your device screen for a prompt window. Tick “Always allow from this computer”. If you don’t, you will probably get yourself an OFFLINE DEVICE.

Aslo Enable USB Debugging mode on your smartphone. Don;t know how to enable USB Debugging Click Here.


Step 6. Finally, re-enter the command: ADB devices. If everything was done successfully you will see your device serial number in the command prompt window after re-entering the command. That’s it now you can enjoy all those locked features which only can use a developer.

In Conclusion

This article is about How to install ADB, follow all the steps carefully rather than fail to Unlock the developer features. If you face any problem while installing ADB please leave a comment below and we will try our best to fix the issue ASAP.

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