How to Download Anyone Instagram profile picture in high quality

Previously I shared tricks and features about WhatsApp and today I am going to share a very interesting trick on Instagram.

Like WhatsApp, Instagram is also very popular and Insta is famous for some important features its main features you can promote your content or other contents on your insta account and earn money.

Anyway today we will talk about one of the best Instagram tricks and this trick is all about downloading Instagram profile picture in high quality yes guys this week will help you to view and download anyone’s Instagram profile picture in high quality.

Over the internet, you will find many tricks on how to download Instagram profile picture but some are fake and some are very difficult Instagram profile picture can’t. be downloaded or viewed official but this trick doesn’t need any third-party application very simple process and very interesting tricks so guys let’s start without wasting any more time.

How to download Instagram profile picture

Step 1. First of all, you have to go to a particular person profile which you have to download.

Step 2. Now in the profiles section now tap on 3 dot menu from the upper right corner and click on “copy profile URL”.

IMG 20181210 063816 - Post

Step 3. When the profile pic URL is successfully copied now open your phone’s Chrome Browser and search the copied URL.

Step 4. Now tap and hold on the profile picture after few second there you can see some options (like shown in the screenshot below) simply click on “open image in new tab”.

IMG 20181210 063925 - Post

That’s it guys you have successfully opened profile picture in high quality as you can see the profile picture is in very high quality and much more clear then it’s original now simply download it from the Chrome Browser and save it or share it do whatever you want to do.


So guys hope you like the article and the trick. If there is any problem or facing an issue while performing the trick then you can simply comment us below or if you want to learn more tips and tricks simply follow our blog because we sure interesting tricks which is very helpful and popular.