How to Use WhatsApp Stickers – Latest WhatsApp features

Nowadays WhatsApp is the most popular social app available for android mostly in India, we use WhatsApp for every uses like sending pictures, documents, attachments and more. with all the latest updates WhatsApp became more interesting and more useful than ever. Recently an update from WhatsApp gives users new features like hike messaging app, now WhatsApp user can directly send stickers without using third-party apps. With the recent update, WhatsApp has added this feature on the latest WhatsApp for Android.

There are many youtube videos about “how to use WhatsApp stickers” but none of anyone has described it properly some says, you can use the stickers by simply updating your WhatsApp while some creator says you have to update your WhatsApp and need to join beta programme while other says you have to download latest WhatsApp for Android from “WhatsApp official website”. In order to get the feature, I’ve done everything but none of any┬ámethod works. Finally, I’ve got a very simple trick to get the latest WhatsApp feature without doing above tricks and below I have guided in step by step how to use WhatsApp latest Stickers feature. Also if you face any problem while doing the steps please leave a comment below so we can fix the issue ASAP.

How to Use WhatsApp Stickers

Step 1. Download or Update the latest WhatsApp version from play store.

Some users have directly got the stickers feature by simply updating there WhatsApp but most of the user have found missing. If you get the feature directly by updating WhatsApp leave the below steps if not then follow the steps.

Step 2. Install Stickers packs for WhatsApp

Download Here

After downloading or updating to latest WhatsApp version now install another application form play store the WhatsApp stickers. Now open the stickers app and add any sticker by simply clicking on the add button.

Whatsapp stickers

Step 3. Restart WhatsApp Application and Enjoy

Finally, after adding stickers now, you have to close or remove WhatsApp from recent apps and restart WhatsApp application. Now you can see a new WhatsApp feature has been added to your WhatsApp application “The Stickers”.

Whatsapp stickers

More stickers can be added simply go to the + icon on the right side of the stickers panel and download any stickers which you like also you can download stickers from the Android App which you have downloaded in step 2.

Video Tutorial

In Conclusion

If the feature still missing try to reboot your Android device and reopen WhatsApp or wait few minutes sometimes it may take little more time. However, if you follow the steps carefully you will definitely get the WhatsApp stickers feature. Hope you like the article don’t forget to share with your friends and leave a comment below with your good thoughts see you in the next article till then bye bye!