How to Secure ATM Banking Transactions

Nowadays it is very common news in newspapers – the ATM cum Debit card is in the pocket but the ATM transaction has been taken place in a different city. So, we have dedicated this article to provide you tips to Secure ATM banking transactions.

Nowadays carrying cash is becoming an obsolete trend. Besides doing ATM transactions, people prefer doing transactions using Debit or Credit cards even for making bill payments for shopping or for dinner with family.

The risk of your card details being compromised at those places is very common. It is possible that instead of a card swipe machine, there could be a cloning machine where the card is being swiped.

How to Secure ATM Banking Transactions

So, always be suspicious when it is being swiped twice or more at the card swipe machine. And, also make sure that card is being swiped in front of your eyes. This risk persists at petrol pumps, shopping malls, supermarkets, or any other shopping outlet.

So, after the transaction, if you suspect that card details have been compromised, immediately go to the nearest Bank ATM and change the pin of your card before hackers clones your card. Also, keep this habit of changing the PIN of your card frequently at regular intervals.

Introduction to ATM/Debit Card Hacking

ATM/Debit card hacking is topping the chart of cybercrimes these days. You will be having your ATM/Debit card in your pocket and an SMS from your bank might inform you that thousands of rupees have been deducted from your account. Terrified?

But this happening and can happen with you too anytime. Hackers can steal the personal information stored on your card and record your PIN number to access all hard-earned cash from your account.

To get details of your ATM/Debit Card details, the hacker requires two things:-

How hackers capture your card details?

They capture details on the magnetic card by using the ATM skimmers which are installed on the top of the actual card slots of the ATM.

ATM Skimmer is a device used by hackers to copy details from the magnetic strip of your Credit or Debit Card When you use an ATM machine.

ATM skimmers are placed on unguarded ATM machines by miscreants to easily get the required data of the card When customers use the machine.

How hackers capture your card details?


How hackers capture/record your PIN?

They capture PIN in many ways but widely known two methods are as follow:

  • Through a Tiny spy camera which hacker hides inside/around the ATM machines near to the keypad.
  • Through a fake keypad fixed over the actual keypad. Your keystrokes could be recorded/captured through that fake keypad.

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What hackers do with the captured details of the card?

Recorded details by ATM Skimming devices are further copied to a blank card by hackers using Debit Cards or Credit Cards cloners.

As they have ATM Card PIN details, they can use that clone anywhere in the world for making any fraudulent transactions like ATM transactions, online transactions, or for shopping at a mall.

Security measures to secure ATM Transactions

Take the mentioned security measures to protect yourself against ATM hacks, as you are now aware of methods adopted by hackers:

  • Try to use the ATM Machine which is always guarded by the Bank guard.
  • Avoid doing transactions on Sundays or on public holidays when banks are closed.
  • While entering the PIN, always cover the keypad to make sure that the PIN is not visible to another person.
  • If you suspect any glue or tape on the keypad, don’t do any transaction. Do report to the bank or security guard immediately.
  • Slide the card reader slot with a gentle force to left and right or pull it gently. If it is a skimmer, it will come out. Do report to the bank or security guard immediately about it.


So, the guy’s this is the completed guidance on how to Secure ATM Banking Transactions, I hope you got complete knowledge about your ATM Banking Transaction and Debit Card Hacking. So what is your next doubt please leave your thought in the comment section below.

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