If you’re looking for a great-looking font with a bit of an edge, look no further than this collection of modern fonts. And this collection of the best modern and futuristic fonts is a great place to start!

This roundup full of sleek, classy, and versatile fonts is perfect for all sorts of modern designs, from websites to printed material.

We also want to make sure you understand what “free” really means when it comes to fonts and typography. Type designers sometimes offer their fonts completely free for both personal and commercial use.

If you’re in the process of hunting for one, scroll down. We’ve found 45+ awesome and totally free modern & futuristic fonts you can use to design.

Many of these work best when set at larger sizes, but we’ve also included a few that are more versatile and lend themselves to parts of design other than headlines or quotes.

45+ Best Modern Fonts


leoscar 2 - Post

Leoscar is a modern Typeface that has been developed under an academic course on the Department of Multimedia & Creative Technology, Daffodil International University. LEOSCAR is a brand new typeface that we’ve created especially for beautiful headline designs.

This package includes both Leoscar Serif and Leoscar Sans Serif fonts in .TTF files. It includes 26 characters, 10 numbers, and limited punctuation.

This modern font set designed by Faridul Haque has both serif and sans serif versions. The sans serif set is neat and clean with different style curves and straight angles.

Download font here


azonix 1 - Post

Azonix is a modern sans-serif typeface. This typeface consists of bold geometric upper case letters, numbers and punctuation (symbols).

This geometric minimalistic font is modern in all the right ways. All the letters are perfectly sized to fit together on an even line.

Azonix is an uppercase font designed by Mixo! and a great choice for headlines and logos. The “A” without a crossline gives Azonix a wonderfully unique look.

Download font here


munich 1 - Post

Munich, is a beautiful font, with a tint weight perfect for adding some romance and charm to your designs! It is was designed and shares by Bang Toyib.

This font functions most strongly as a display or headline font. suitable for logo, logotype, branding, wedding, fashion, label, book cover, t-shirt, Instagram post, and others.

Also, this font is amazing for different projects ex: photography, watermark, quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc.

Download font here

One Day

one day 2 - Post

One Day is a slim modern font designed by Nawras Moneer, a graphic designer from Irbid, Jordan. One Day is a functional geometric uppercase typeface, with a nice cut in letters and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping readability high.

The most fascinating aspect about this typeface is that it comes with Open source font license, which means you can use it for personal as well as for the commercial uses.

Following a uniform baseline and padding around adds more value in its texture. A few letters including with this basic font family possess lines split as you can see in the image here.

Download font here


d152e832715299.569301538d983 - Post

Coves is a free font featured by regular curves, ideal for titles and logo design. It includes two weights, light and bold. Designed and released by Jack Harvatt.

Coves Font Family is a sans serif typeface that comes in two styles light and bold. This font along with its simple rounded edges and full glyphs support is one of the best text forms you have ever seen.

Font family comprises regular curves, vast language support, and keen features. Another astonishing advantage of this elegant font family is that it is totally free.

Download font here

Coco Gothic

fh 2 - Post

Coco Gothic is a contemporary take on the retro geometric sans serif style of early XX century typefaces like Futura and Avenir. The name of the typeface family comes from the nickname of fashion beloved icon Coco Chanel.

The cold, geometric shapes typical of those modernism typefaces have been made softer and more contemporary by visual corrections and slightly rounded corners and a minimalistic design feel.

It comes in six weights with matching italics and features an extended character set with open type support for small caps, ligatures, alternates, European languages, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

Download font here


3 - Post

Pier is modern and structured typography. The idea was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good big or very small.

The idea was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good big or very small. It was made to fit your everyday designs and text needs.

It was made to fit your everyday designs and text needs. Pier Sans was designed by Mathieu Desjardins. Pier is modern and structured typography.

Download font here

Big John Pro

big jhon 3 - Post

Big John PRO is the rational progress of the Big John and Slim Joe typeface. This is a free typeface created by duo Ion Lucin and Ionyc Type-based from New York, USA.

Besides the bold Big John and the light Slim Joe, there is a new medium weight, Regular Jim. Moreover, they also include lowercase letters in a new medium weight.

In addition to the new medium-weight, now all of them include lowercase letters also. And to top it all, now Big John PRO includes over 500 diacritics characters, to be as useful as possible for everyone.

Download font here


sequel 1 - Post

Sequel is a free modern and bold font designed by Philip Trautmann, a young designer from Germany. With its condensed look, Sequel is a great choice for logo and movie poster design.

Sequel Font is a sans serif font family with a warm, engaging character. SunGold’s contrasting lines and curved terminals give a sleek, elegant look to logos, holiday cards, wedding invitations, quotes, advertisements, and more.

Designed by Philip Trautmann, Sequel is a display sans font family. This typeface has four styles and was published by phitradesign fonts.

Download font here


noir - Post

Noir is a sans serif font family of 12 fonts with contemporary aesthetics heavily influenced by early 20th century geometric typefaces. While having its geometric structure it carries organic personality with a touch of warmth injected to each form.

Noir font family ranges from light and elegant weights perfect for a small text to extremely heavy and masculine weights suited for large display sizes. Noir has a rich arsenal of Open Type features for highly professional use and extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek language support.

Its capabilities serifs that skinny step by step into first-rate traces and factors. The family is prepared to be used in editorial layout because of corporate communications projects.

Download font here


tenre 3 - Post

This novelty font is designed as a combination of an inline style beneath a regular uppercase letter set. With three variations, the letter parts can be interchanged to create numerous other designs.

Tenre, a font designed by Jacopo Severitano, has an interesting feel to it and can be used for logos, letterheads, and other unique modern designs. Grab this beautiful free the Tenre font into your repertoire. Give a boost to your designer life.

The Hungry JPEG has created this amazing and beautiful free font. You can create professional designs with this beautiful font.

Download font here


vaniyu 1 - Post

VANITY is a free modern & sans-serif type family that including a set of 12 fonts, from light to bold, plain to italic, narrow to wide, now available in OTF and TTF formats to anyone.

This type of family can be used for works such as online/offline magazines and/or books, posters, photography, websites, branding & identity, or TV spots.

This font designed by Hendrick Rolandez is available completely free in all its weights and styles. From thin italic to ultrabold, Vanity is a classic modern serif ready to grace magazines, fashion spreads, promotional postcards, and classy, modern billboards.

Download font here


tt 2 - Post

Like other san serif fonts, the UniSans type family is characterized by excellent legibility in both – web & print design areas, well-finished geometric designs, optimized kerning, excellent web-font performance and legibility, etc.

Inspired by the classic grotesque strong typefaces like DIN and Dax – Uni Sans fonts have their own unique style in expressed perfect softened geometric forms.

The Uni Sans font family is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations. The Uni Sans font family includes 14 weights – 7 uprights with 7 italics.

Download font here


kont 1 - Post

Novelty fonts like Kontanter are great for modern and unique designs that need a real edge and special feel to them. The letters in this font from Fontfabric all have diagonal decorative lines or extra crosslines for an added effect.

It’s very easy to downgrade monospaced fonts by labeling them as simplistic and uninteresting, but they are more than that.

A very great example is kontanter free font. It is an experimental monospaced font loosely based on Gotham bold. Kontanter features a lot of languages to support a lot of European languages with alternate letters in lower case.

Download font here


fredok 1 - Post

Fredoka is A bold and rounded font designed by Milena Brandao. Get two great fonts in one easy-to-download pack with Fredoka fonts, perfectly rounded and bold Fredoka One + Super Cute Fredoka Dingbats.

This perfectly geometric and rounded font designed by Milena Brandau is gorgeous and perfect for any sort of modern project.

What makes Fredoka unique is the collection of super cute dingbats and its integration with Google fonts. Fredoka is great for websites, apps, and any digital designs.

Download font here


ete 3 - Post

The Arkhip typeface is one of our favorite display fonts. The Russian/English font has a distinctive signature to supports Latin and Cyrillic. Created in USSR this Russian style font features beautiful letterform.

It’s not uncommon for designers to have to search for days to find a good, free font that supports the Russian alphabets. Arkhip is a wonderful letter set that can be used in both English and Russian.

The slight curves that grace the otherwise geometric letters make this font beautifully modern and easy to use.

Download font here


moon free font - Post

Moon Typeface! Moon designed by Jack Harvatt. Minimalistic and classy urban sans serif typeface with more than 240 characters.

Perfect for gorgeous logos & titles, Moon Typeface will pair beautifully with many fonts and work well with whatever project you’re working on.

This modern font is circular and has perfectly rounded terminals and a soft, geometric feel to it. It comes in three very different weights, in both uppercase and lowercase letters.

A new FREE rounded, simple, space-ie typeface family entitled Moon, with both thin and bold variations, free for personal use only. Affordable commercial licenses available

Download font here


head 2 - Post

It’s time to satisfy our freebies guilty pleasures with a new free font that’s sure to catch the eyes of the viewer! Headache is a sans serif font that is meant to be mad, crazy, attention seeker, rebel, distracted, open, crazy again and many of the current world moods.

With a slightly futuristic touch, this font is meant for headlines, logo design, and branding, marketing, advertising and more! The font is fully uppercase, but to make up for that, some of the letters are available in two styles. You can activate each by writing lowercase or uppercase letters.

Headache is a font that looks mostly normal but with a slight twist in the shape of diagonal decorative lines. This font is perfect for headlines, logos, and branding materials.

Download font here


Da - Post

Odachi is a rough-looking hand-drawn brush free font. It’s an uppercase-only font and comes with the basic Latin characters, plus some ligatures and punctuations.

Modern fonts that pull from classic styles are usually very easy to use and particularly visual. This brush style font with an antique Japanese feel is perfect for social media graphics or fun t-shirt designs with catchy quotes.

This font is suitable for web graphics, t-shirt designs and much more. It can be used on your next personal or commercial projects, completely free of charge.

Download font here


ass - Post

Modern, futuristic and with a bit of an Art Deco feel, Bondi is a fun novelty font for all types of fun and bubbly designs. The left side is a thick line while the right side is thin, creating a wonderful balance.

Bondi is a display font designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all caps letters, numerals, and symbols. This font perfectly suites for variety display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Bondi is an all-caps display font with Art Deco style. Perfectly suited for various display uses, including branding, headlines, invitations, stationery, and much more.

Download font here


cll 2 - Post

Futuristic styled modern fonts like Celestia are unusual and fun to use in graphic design projects that want to be a little disruptive.

This circular geometric font with filled-in diagonal lines is great for music event posters or fashion spreads. Celestia can give any design a fun modern and futuristic feel. To fully appreciate MVB Celestia Antiqua, it helps to understand the context in which it was designed.

Celestia Antiqua—a generous and versatile family consisting of three weights, true small caps, matching italics, and two titling styles (Inline and Adornado).

Download font here


cali 2 - Post

Calibre is a neo-Grotesk sans serif inspired by lettering on West Berlin street signs. Unlike most engineered lettering for signage, these letterforms are elegant and clear.

Calibre gently tempers the engineer’s geometric tendencies by applying typographic principles of optical correction. Many sanserif letterforms are “pan-genre”.

Calibre is perfect for logos and creative lettering projects. The elongated quality of this font is so interesting that it should definitely be in your design arsenal.

Download font here


ttt 2 - Post

Soft and rounded, geometric and delicate, Forma is the right font for colorful and exceptional designs. The letters “g” and “y” have a unique separation in the descender, making the letter set rather unique. It’s these kinds of details that make fonts like this one so memorable.

Neue Haas-Grotesk, the precursor to Helvetica, that flagship of corporate design, has enjoyed a spirited revival. Now we reach back to explore Forma—a 1960s Italian neo-grotesque. Somehow this warm, rich sans serif did not make it to the digital era—until now.

Forma DJR was crafted to capture the flair and precision of the original Nebiolo design while adding interesting details observed in the printing process.

Whatever their influence on the final design, these are amazing pieces of type promotion.

Download font here


gilroy 2 - Post

Gilroy Family was designed by Radomir Tinkov, it’s great that he shares this free version, but enough for you to experience this amazing set of fonts. Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. An older brother of the original Qanelas font family.

It comes in 20 weights, 10 uprights, and its matching italics. The Light & ExtraBold weights are free of charge, so you can use them to your heart’s content.

Designed by Radomir Tinkov, Gilroy is a sans serif font family. This typeface has twenty styles and was published by Radomir Tinkov.

Download font here


tff - Post

Potra is a futuristic display font with rounded lines designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all caps letters, numerals, and symbols. This font perfectly suites for a variety of display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Feel free to use this in any of your projects. Please note if you want to publish the font on your website, feel free but please reference me as the owner and link it back to my Behance project, thanks!

This modern futuristic font by Alejo Bergman has lots of potential for many different kinds of designs. Potra is great not only for galactic designs but also for any graphics that want to have an edge over the others.

Download font here


orken 2 - Post

Orkney is a geometric typeface designed and conceptualized by Samuel Oakes. The goal in creating the typeface was to have a unique yet functional typeface that can be used for a wide variety of projects on print or screen.

Sleek and elegant, this modern font is delightfully sublime. Orkney is perfect for modern designs from business materials to minimalist websites.

Clean lines and neat corners are what make this font so easy to use and a great choice for many types of projects. Italics were added later by Cristiano Sobral.

Download font here


nordixc 4 - Post

The nordic font is a new typeface that is created by Yana Bereziner from the Norwegian runes inspiration. The nordic font consists of the unusual regular typeface which is perfect for logotype, poster, headlines, t-shirt design and more.

Nordic is a unique modern font-family based on Scandinavian runes and elegant geometric forms that can fit everyday design needs.

Nordic is an experimental typeface, that was created from the inspiration of Norwegian runes. This font delights itself in having two faces and three weights. Designer Yana Bereziner has created a beautiful modern font with interesting lines and diagonal cut off sections.

Download font here

Peace Sans

peace 3 - Post

Peace Sans is a free bold font made with love! It can make your typography more peaceful and kind. Use it anyway, it’s absolutely free. It was created in the learning process in TypeType School. Peace!

Peace gives you a variety of ways to combine and arrange each font, allowing you to create striking & modern typographic designs. The thick and peaceful letters in this font have the perfect weight for powerful disruptive designs.

This lovely font looks great in quote graphics for social media or as headlines and website banners.

Download font here


anurat 2 - Post

Anurati is a new futuristic font, originally made to be free. This free font makes way for the creativity of each and every one.

Available free for both personal and commercial use, you can also modify the colors of Anurati to suit your needs. Big thanks to Emmeran Richard for providing us this free font. Make sure to check out more awesome works at his portfolio.

It’s a futuristic font. It consists of simple geometric forms. Anurati Font free for both personal use only. It will be good for game interfaces, posters, movie and web design.

This Pro version comes with two styles, regular and outline, and a new set of characters, glyphs & numerals.

Download font here

Heading Pro

heading 1 - Post

Heading Pro is a typeface family designed by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts. The original design has been expanded and developed by the Zetafonts Team (Andrea Tartarelli, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Chiara Ghezzi) in a full type system of 146 variants.

Built around 8 different widths from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide and nine weights from thin to black, Heading Pro provides a wide spectrum of sans serif type solutions to your design problems.

Born as a space optimizing typeface for headers and titles, Heading Pro can be used in its ultra-compressed, compressed and normal widths to optimize space on the printed page and on the screen.

This font designed by the Zetafonts designer family has now been updated to nine weights and eight widths, plus italics.

Download font here


Sonder free modern fonts - Post

Sonder is a free “wild” font-family ideal for logo design and big titles. It comes in both serif and sans-serif versions and includes two weights (black and bold) and two styles (rough and regular).

Sonder is a family of font display, designed by Andrew Herndon. Sonder is an exploration of vintage lettering.

Sonder uses rough edges and inked center pieces to help the inner adventurer create bold headings and logotype.

Use Sonder font, you can use the logo design, billboards, book covers and more, I tried to use it and found it great, you quickly download and enjoy!

Download font here


bofdu 4 - Post

Introducing Body Text and Body Grotesque. It is designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli.

Conceived as a contemporary alternative to modernist superfamilies like Univers or Helvetica, Body tries to maximize text readability while providing a wide range of options for the designer.

It comes in two variants (Body Text and Body Grotesque), each in four widths and four weights: regular and bold for basic typesetting, light and extra-bold for display use.

This font is another gorgeous type of family by Zetafonts. Slightly geometric and a bit flattened in the wider variants, Body is a superfamily.

Download font here


avbb 2 - Post

Abyssopelagic is a free minimal sans serif thin typeface. The author’s aim was to make a typeface that will look nice when spacing out the letters. Abyssopelagic was designed and developed by Mark White; an expectational designer from the United Kingdom.

Mark White wanted to create a font that looked great when spaced out. He sketches designs on paper and eventually came up with this font.

Few fonts illustrate their name as well as Abyssopelagic. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, this font is specially designed to be set with wide spacing between letters. The thin design uses blank space with missing crosslines, making the font look like it’s in motion.

Download font here


5 1 - Post

Introduction to Aquatico. A free sans serif animated typeface with a youthful style and romance.

Aquatico was designed and shares completely free by Andrew Herndon, Animated by Dan Palmer. The romantic and beautiful feel create this theme.

Aquatico Font for awesome display, illustrations, posters, logos, t-shirts, titles, and much more. Designer Andrew Herndon added lots of special ligatures and unique letter variations so that you can create all sorts of letter compositions in your designs.

Download font here


yar 1 - Post

YKAR is a futuristic & modern sans serif font crafted & designed by Emmeran Richard. Inspired by geometric shapes, YKAR is made for titles, logos, publishing, and everything that stands out!

Ykar displays a slightly short x-height and a strong set of letters for your everyday design use. Mixing contemporary rounded uppercase fonts with a certain idea of the future, Ykar is a match for projects involving video, branding, editorial, and web.

The font comes in uppercase and lowercase, but it looks more like two styles of uppercase. One is just more novel than the other.

Download font here


cod 1 - Post

Codec Warm/Cold is a geometric sans serif type system, designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro with Andrea Tartarelli.

Codec provides you with two coherent variant fonts built on the same base skeleton: Codec Cold and Codec Warm.

In Codec Cold terminals are always cut parallel or perpendicular to the baseline, emphasizing geometry and giving the typeface a more constructed look.

In Codec Warm, on the contrary, open diagonal cuts and two-story letterforms give the typeface a slightly more humanist look and a gentler, warmer text feeling.

Download font here


Lieben free modern fonts - Post
Lieben is modern font formats, customized, stylized, with sharp lines and subtle. Lieben Font designed by Yai Salinas, Lieben fit the logo design project, billboards …

This modern novelty font has all the makings for a fun and popping design. Decorated with lines, dots, and stars, the letters take on a life of their own.

Available with uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers, glyphs, and special characters. Argentine designer Yai Salinas really hit it out of the park with his novelty Lieben font.

Download font here


1 1 - Post

Minimalust is a clean and minimalist vintage sans serif font, with smooth edges rounded corner inspired from hand-drawn lettering and vintage printing.

Perfect for people looking for minimalistic designs. The typeface comes with an uppercase alphabet with numbers and symbols. Suitable and applicable for any material graphic designs.

This minimal font with rounded edges and soft curves is easy-going and looks great with wide separation between letters. A perfect font for logos, headings, and titles, Minimalist is also great for social media graphics, especially Instagram.

Download font here


liquido 1 - Post

Liquido Font is a modern sans serif font family that featuring the amazing looks that you never saw it before. It is known as a unique typeface that shows its uniqueness by itself.

An Italian font designer Mr. Alessandro Comotti took the charge for designing and releasing it for the first time on 19th January 2015. He puts some extraordinary features that lend it well to any design.

Therefore it gets too much popularity in just a few months due to its tremendous attractive glimpses and awesome readability. And I think you also have seen it anyplace, therefore, you are here to get that typeface.

Download font here


facon 1 - Post

Facón is a display sport font with diagonal cuts. It contains all caps letters, numerals, and symbols. This font perfectly suites for variety display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Whoever knew a font can motivate you to hit the gym? It’s amazing how powerful typography can be. This fit-looking typeface is perfect for your gym logo or fitness poster design. It’s powerful, vibrant and is totally unique.

Thanks to Alejo for providing us with this amazing custom typeface and inspiring us to become more active.

Download font here

Ufo Nest

ufo - Post

Modern display fonts are some of the most creative styles of fonts available. Ufo Nest is a futuristic geometric font, is inspired by the crop circles found in the fields all over the world.

The lines ending in perfect circles and geometric curves truly capture what could be called alien art. This font might not be very versatile but it is quite fun.

Ufo Nest font was published on Friday 24th of August 2018. You can download Ufo Nest font for free by clicking the download button.

Download font here


Elppa free modern fonts - Post

Elppa is a modern minimal FREE typeface inspired by current modern minimalist product designs of our age. The basic shapes of this modern font are based on rectangles and squares. The uppercase letters fit into a rectangle each.

The lowercase letters fit in a square half the size of the uppercase letters. The corners are rounded to soften the design and the lines are thin, making it airy and quite unique.

Download font here


blank 2 - Post

Blanka is the first futuristic and minimalist font, created as an independent graphic designer. Made as a free download, the font can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Exceeding 30 000 downloads (and counting).

Blanka is a modern, futuristic font with a strong presence. The letters are minimalistic and have a specific section missing, which makes them look really interesting when put together in a composition.

This is a good font for logos and short titles or headers. It could also work really well as quotes for postcards and stickers.

Download font here


qqi 3 - Post

Quantum is a bold typeface created by Greg ‘Sesohq’ Ortiz. This unique typeface was inspired by the use of the shape builder tool and bold accents.

It has an original slashed & futuristic design that is great for anything related to gaming, space, future, Sci-fi, etc. and is excellent for logos, branding & headlines. This all-caps modern font has a futuristic feel with a diagonal line that crosses each line a bit off-center diagonally.

Wide angles mixed with short shapes make Quantum an interesting font for logos and product names related to technology or science.

Download font here


met 1 - Post

Metrica font is a new uppercase, sharp and mechanical typeface. Inspired by architecture, Metrica font is designed with a flat, geometric design. Using influences from perceptive views from building designs, I wanted something very striking and instantly recognizable.

Metrica is a unique and modern novelty font designed with crisscrossing lines and angles in unexpected places. Every letter has its own design, making this font quite special. This font has great potential as part of a logo for a technical or creative business.

This is a downloadable free typeface file brought to you by The Hungry JPEG. Showcase your designs like a graphic design pro by adding a new touch with this cool font.

Download font here


minit 1 - Post

Ministry is the latest cool free font that you can download for your next personal project. It’s a tall, condensed font and is suitable for a big display. Condensed modern fonts like Ministry look great on social media graphics and typographic compositions.

When they have a unique design in their terminals and unions, that makes them unique and special in their niche. This font has a special letter “T” and the “S” looks likes like a chain link.

Designed by Rian Hughes, Ministry is a sans serif font family. This typeface has fourteen styles and was published by Device.

Download font here


spacem 1 - Post

Spacema is a modern condensed typeface with a strong vertical emphasis while maintaining prominent geometric quality to it. With a balance of hard lines and smooth curves, Spacema is an eight-weight typeface that includes uppercase, numerals, extended characters, and accents.

Each font in this family is impactful dynamic and authoritative and has individuality while being cohesive. Spacema is suited for many applications like Heading, Posters, Magazines, Packaging, Branding & Identity, Photography, Fashion, etc.

The empty space inside the letter is thin and perfectly sized, making this font look stable and eye-catching.

Download font here

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