Calibre Font Family Free Download

Calibre is a neo-Grotesk sans serif inspired by lettering on West Berlin street signs. Unlike most engineered lettering for signage, these letterforms are elegant and clear.

Calibre gently tempers the engineer’s geometric tendencies by applying typographic principles of optical correction. Many sanserif letterforms are “pan-genre”.

cali 2 - Post

The shapes of a few key letterforms establish the specific subgenre of the sanserif. Calibre takes the rationality from Nebiolo’s Recta, resulting in a contemporary and crisp finish.

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Calibre was designed alongside Metric. They share a fundamental geometry but differ in the finish of key letterforms.

Condensed fonts like Calibre are quite popular lately. This one is super-condensed and so a bit more unique than the usual condensed styles.

cali 3 - Post

Calibre is perfect for logos and creative lettering projects. The elongated quality of this font is so interesting that it should definitely be in your design arsenal.

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

Download font here