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Warm, mulled Apple Cider… Peppery smooth pumpkin pie… Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg… crisp air and warm, spicy flavors… Leaves partially gilded a brilliant yellow, orange, and red… Heavy autumn clouds against a crisp, fresh azure sky… A fabulously fun Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends… These are just some of the things I absolutely love about an Ohio autumn

Thankful Complete Font Free Download

Thankful Complete Font Free Download

These autumnal comforts, early 20th century vintage type, and my own hand lettering helped inspire my latest offering to you: Thankful Complete, because there’s a lot to be thankful for!Thankful Complete is a super family, comprised of 8 handmade sub-families that compliment each other charmingly

Thankful Complete Font Free Download

Thankful Complete Font Free Download

Each sub-family and weight will lend your designs a unique, quaint, artisanal flavor, All families feature extended latin character sets, Also included in the Complete Family are hundreds of ornaments, dividers, catchwords, and patterns, And as a special thank-you for purchasing the entire family, you’ll find bonus textures and vector extras to complete your designs

View the complete User Guide and character map here: http://bit, ly/3LbuuNIClick the displays to view more images!SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: OpenType savvy applications support Thankful Complete best, Illustrator CS3+ is required for vector content, Please see the FAQs for full software requirements and other fun facts about Thankful Complete

INCLUDED IN THANKFUL COMPLETE:Thankful Complete Font Family: 29 Fonts in 8 Font subfamilies (Display, Extras, Modern, Ornate, Sans, Script, Serif, Slab), All fonts come in OTF and TTF and Webfonts, (See below for a more complete description for each subfamily)BONUS! Enjoy 9 original textures of wood, paper, and autumnal canvas in 300 DPI PNG

Textures can be accessed via a separate download link when you purchase this product, MEET THE FAMILY:Thankful Display: 4 weightsThankful Display is an ornate, almost delicate display family based on a type specimen featured in an early twentieth-century type foundry catalog

Uneven, imperfect, and whimsical, Thankful Display is a great choice for a rustic, vintage headline, Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family, Thankful Extras: 3 WeightsThankful Extras are the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie

150+ Catchwords and over 250 handmade ornaments and rules will finish your design most charmingly, Consult the character maps for a key to all these lovely embellishments, Center Ornaments, Side Ornaments, and Catchwords are also included in Thankful Complete as vector files (

AI CS3 and above), Thankful Modern: 8 WeightsThankful Modern is a bold headline family intended to make a statement, Thankful Modern is also meant to dress up your design, including several weights with illumination and a shadow weight, Clear with a subtly rustic finish, Thankful Modern is ideal for a bold but decorative heading or subheading

Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Modern stackable within the sub-family, Thankful Ornate: 4 Weights (2 Standard and 2 Pro with Extended Latin)Thankful Ornate is a highly decorative display family inspired by modern vintage hand lettering

Delicate, yet bold and comical, Thankful Ornate will quickly dress up your design with old-fashioned good humor and is ideal for initials, headlines, and single words at large sizes, Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family

Thankful Sans: 3 WeightsThankful Sans is plain (and fancy!) but delightfully wholesome, A steady and cheerful handmade family with a light sense of humor, Thankful Sans is pleasing at small or large sizes for headers, subheaders, or small paragraphs

Lowercase letters are distressed by hand as they jump around subtly on the baseline, forming a charming, hand-lettered appearance, Fancy, Plain, and Slim weights form a cozy, friendly little family, Thankful Script: 1 WeightThankful Script is as capricious as the swirling leaves of autumn

With hundreds of swashes, alternates, and ligatures, Thankful Script can be easily customized to appear hand-lettered and will add a touch of elegance to your design, Thankful Serif: 2 WeightsThankful Serif is a rustically elegant body font with a touch of happy-go-lucky

This slightly more refined cousin of Thankful Sans comes in two weights, which each serve a distinct purpose, The Regular weight easily embraces whole paragraphs, while the Engraved weight forms a charming header, With initial and terminal decorative capital letter forms (as stylistic sets,) and delightful, decorative ligatures, Thankful Serif will look lovely in your next design

Thankful Slab: 4 weightsCompleting the family is Thankful Slab, a young and quirky slab serif family, Its 4 weights can cover a number of uses, from headlines to captions to small paragraphs, The regular weight can be used as a spidery caption or a small body of text, while the bold weights easily carry the headlines

The Bold Engraved weight can even give your designs a subtly elegant touch of the early 20th century, You might also enjoy Harvest Winds (http://crtv, mk/gmnq ), an all-new vector collection from Ornaments of Grace, This collection is a perfect companion to Thankful Complete, with over 80 autumn-themed vectors, 25+ editable text layouts, and 14 Illustrator Pattern Brushes

THANKS for stopping by, liking my products, and following me! I’d appreciate your thoughts in the comments, especially if you purchased Thankful Complete! What are you thankful for?

Thankful Complete demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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