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About the Queulat Cnd Font

This font is the condensed version of Queulat Cnd Font but keeping the same features as the original typeface.

Queulat Cnd is a hybrid typeface that combines different styles, reflecting charm, freshness, and, especially, a strong personality.

Since it is a condensed font, it is well-suited for publishing and subheadings. The font is inspired by Modern and Grotesk styles.

The former is shown in some characteristic features such as teardrop terminals, which give the typeface an attractive unique look, making it an ideal choice for logotypes and labeling.

The latter, with its rationality, makes Queulat Cnd a stable and strong face for headings and subheadings.

The combination of styles can be clearly seen by comparing the Regular with the Alt version. The Regular version is more simple than the Alt one.

Queulat Cnd Font crtmkt 01 1 1 - Post crtmkt 02 1 1 - Post crtmkt 03 - Post

Differently, the alternative version possesses more features of the Modern style, like teardrop terminals in ‘k’s and ‘v’s.

Queulat Cnd Font demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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