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About the Pellago Classic 60 Font

Pellago Classic 60 Font is a classic serif family drawing inspiration from classic Bodoni-styled letterforms, but also introducing new and refreshing features to what may seem to some to be an unalterable classic.

The Pellago Classic 60 Font family is available in sixty weights, including an oblique version of each style, conveniently divided into 3 optical sizes — Display, Head, and Text —each of which consists of 10 weights ranging from Thin to Black.

Display and Head styles were designed for headlines and shorter bodies of text: strokes are thinner and the round shapes are more prominent.

The Text style is great for larger bodies of text when individual characters of letters are not as important, and uniformity of a block of text is more important.

Each style is comprised of 427 glyphs, supports all major European languages, has ligatures, Old-Style figures, and lots of other cool features such as standard ligatures, careful and precise kerning, and multiple sets of figures.

Pellago Classic 60 Font 4 1 10 - Post 2 1 9 - Post 10 1 1 - Post 7 - Post

All in all, Pellago is a great tool for designers who seek to combine the classic feel of a serif typeface with a more whimsical, modern side of typography.

Whether it’s an elaborate editorial design or a quick logo job, Pellago would be a perfect choice for any kind of project.

What’s included in Pellago Serif Type Family?

• Uppercase
• Lowercase
• Ligatures (standard and discretionary)
• Multiple Number sets
• Multilingual Support
• Numerals (Regular, Oldstyle)
• 427 glyphs in each file.

Pellago Classic 60 Font demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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