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2.2.3 – 30 Mar 17 Add mp3 preview file supportFix music dashboard template
Music is more than just a theme, it’s an experience! With Musik, you can manage audio, albums, genres, artists, and sell audio files to your customers with ease. The theme is powered by Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and features an array of awesome features like a jQuery HTML5.


Musik is a responsive music wordpress theme, let you manage audio, album, genres, artist and sell the audio files to your customer.

You can read the online documentation here


  • Base on Easy Digital Downloads – EDD
  • Sell single audio or bundle album
  • Manage music genres and artists
  • Audio preview file support mp3 or ogg format
  • jPlayer – jQuery HTML5 Audio player
  • Playlist support
  • History player
  • Save player volume, repeat, shuffle setting in browser
  • Fully customize theme
  • 4 page templates
  • Allow customize the Logo/Header/Aside/Player background colors
  • One click to install demo data

Change Log

v.3.1.0 – 16 January 19

  • Add artwork when add soundcloud url as featured image
  • Get duration/publish year from soundcloud
  • Fix download when preview file is on other server

v.3.0.3 – Dec 22, 2017

  • Add custom js/css file, inline scripts

v.3.0.2 – July 10, 2017

  • Fix login/profile blank page when using ajax
  • Fix buddypress style

v.3.0.1 – June 8, 2017

  • Fix edd cart style
  • Fix edd checkout page

v.3.0.0 – 9 May 17

  • Add Siteorigin Page Builder/Widgets Bundle support

v.2.3.3 – 7 March 17

  • Update the widget.wie file
  • Change body class when ajax switch pages.
  • Show pause button on track thumbnail when track playing
  • Add option to restrict download only for user
  • Add action hooks
  • Add ajax support for siteorigin page builder grid layout
  • Fixed play button on album

v.2.3.1 – 27 November 16

  • Fix post widgets order by plays & sales
  • Fix album/playlist sort order
  • Fix login blank page

v.2.2.1 – 23 August 16

  • Youtube support

v.2.1.2 – 22 June 16

  • Update to wordpress 4.5.2
  • Update piklist to
  • Add no ajax page template

v.2.1.1 – 21 April 16

  • Update to wordpress 4.5
  • Update piklist to to fix taxonomy not saved on wp4.5
  • Order the tracks in album with edd drag & drop
  • Fix ajax search result font color
  • Fix getcurrentuser_info() -> get_crrent_user()

v.2.1 – 28 March 16

  • Ajax search for tracks and artists
  • Player on search results page
  • Playlist archive page
  • Add exclude on the music post widget
  • Add filter by plays on music post widget
  • Popup price chosen on variable prices item
  • Close left menu when page switched on mobile
  • Optimize on genres page on mobile
  • Force download media file

v.2.0 – 17 December 15

  • Add music post widget shortcode
  • Add category/tag/artist filter on music post widget
  • Soundcloud url support
  • Category template with player
  • Category template with thumbnail
  • Add page size option for artists, albums and tracks
  • Add ajax player on buddypress pages
  • FES template
  • Music plays
  • Playlist
  • Like

v.1.3 – 25 October 15

  • Add Ajax when page switch
  • Add Soundcloud trackid support.
  • Add BuddyPress integration
  • Add pagination for artists and their music
  • Add link for music title on the player
  • Add template which disable the left nav or top nav.
  • Add html tag support on music widget subtitle
  • Add top bar widgets area
  • Add FES preview field(preview_vendor) to play verdor’s music preview file
  • Add option to disable the purchase button on whole site.
  • Add option to disable the play button on whole site.
  • disable variation pricing display on grid list
  • Add option to change the music title
  • Add option to show purchase button on list
  • Add option to show upload user profile on list and grid
  • Add upload user profile on music detail page
  • Update documentation
  • Update fontawesome
  • Fix playlist disappear when click the remove btn
  • Fix custom link with loading style bug
  • Fix the iframe on google ad
  • Fix lower size of the artist photo

v.1.2 – 8 September 15

  • Add shortcode support on the text widgets
  • Add custom style on the default video player
  • Add option to disable register/cart
  • Add option to disable the bjax loading style
  • Add option to disable player
  • Add option to disable search on top bar
  • Select music by ids on music widget
  • Select taxonomy by ids on music terms widget
  • Add link group field when post music
  • Add option for disable the play icon on list or detail page for each music
  • Add purchase button on list
  • Add download button on list and detail page
  • Add custom category template when create/edit category
  • Add child theme example code
  • Allow override the edd.php functions in child theme
  • BuddyPress ready
  • Fix white background sub menu

v.1.1 – 13 August 15

  • Add Edtior when create artist
  • Add musik remote url when post music
  • Add Radio station
  • Add SoundCloud
  • Add Event category
  • Add Video category
  • Improvement on mobile


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Musik – Responsive Music WordPress Theme demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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