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About the Hologram Display Font

Hologram Display Font is a font inspired by a combination of the future and the past. The intention was to design a font that was most effective when applied to largely displayed text-like headings, rather than for smaller extended bodies of text.

There are 3 distinctive styles offered in the hologram font family. Each style contains over 350+ glyphs per style with support for up to 26 languages as well as specialized kerning & spacing.

Display Sans: this style is the cleanest of the 3 fonts. There are no serifs attached to the ends of the strokes, although the stroke weight is varied from thick to thin depending on the letters.

Display Serif: this style contains modern serifs at the ends of most character strokes that give more structure to the shapes. A majority of the series are horizontal in direction with few characters containing vertical serif details.

Hologram Display Font t0000 01 1 1 - Post t0000 10 - Post t0000 02 1 1 - Post t0000 03 1 1 - Post

Display Wedge: the boldest of all is the wedge serif style offered. Featuring thick and thin triangular serifs at the ends of character strokes. This style is most effective in large displays & titling uses.

Hologram Display Font demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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