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Looking for a new magazine theme? Look no further than our modern men’s magazine theme! It’s the perfect way to keep up with the latest news, business trends, fashion and entertainment. With a fully responsive design, you can read on your desktop or switch to the mobile version for on-the-go reading. Plus, you can choose from 3 different widths to customize.


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Magazine WordPress Theme 2017

Fully Responsive Magazine Template

Readers can choose responsive version or desktop version.

Variable Width of your Magazine

You can choose wide, narrow or custom width.

Turn Visitors Into Creators

Let the readers notify you about sensations by build-in “submit message/video feature”.

UX Optimized

Backend and frontend user interface was tested by real people.

Drag and Drop Page Builder – RevoComposer II

It helps you to set pages and featured areas very easily.

Powerfull Sharing Buttons

Awesome sharing buttons powered by MashShare.

SEO Optimized

GDN is fully compatible with Yoast SEO plugin. More over you can switch between heading types (h1 – h3).

Powerful Ads Manager

You can use up to 9 predefined Ads positions, or use Shortcode to place it anywhere you want. You can also use responsive Google AdSense.

Easy to Translate

Localization support by .po & .mo files.

Rich Font Manager

Set font style for every corner of your magazine.

Fluid Responsive Theme

Each part of the theme can have variable width.

Premium Support

Our well-known support team is ready to help you.

Exclusive JaW Gallery

Beautify your web with directly-designed gallery for a magazine.

Unique Color Manager

You can set different colors for each corner of your magazine.

Extreme Customisability

You’ll be able to set each part of your sites to your own ideas.

Powerful Social Sharing Buttons

Let your readers share your posts across the world.

One Click Demo Installation

Easy step by step setup tutorial that guides you through the installation.

Looks Awesome on Mobile Devices

Graphics and functionalites are optimized for mobile devices.

Support for the Most Used Plugins

Plugins like BB Press, Budy Press, WPSuper Cache and others are tested and supported.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, Firefox, Edge
  • Compatible with newest WordPress version
  • Available 625+ Google fonts
  • 32 Header Layouts
  • CSS3 fast animations
  • Fully documented LESS files
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Fully fluid responsinve layout model
  • Unique color scheme model – use any scheme on any part of your site
  • New redesigned RevoComposer page builder in 2nd version
  • New lazyload system created especialy for GdayNews theme – help with loading time on mobile devices (mobile connection)
  • Image placeholder system – increase subjective feel from loading time of page
  • Fully customisable font settings – for each part of the theme
  • Automatic compiling of custom LESS files
  • Quick adding responsive custom CSS style through Theme Options
  • Compatibility with Dailimotion videos



3 (23. 07. 2020)
  • Added: Compatibility with the latest PHP version
  • Added: Compatibility with the latest WordPress version (5+)
  • Added: Lots of minor improvements (CSS-related)
  • Fixed: PHP warnings and errors due to the latest PHP version
2.6 (19. 1. 2019)
  • Added: Compatibility with the latest PHP version (7.2+)
  • Added: Compatibility with the latest WordPress version (5+)
  • Fixed: JaW Gallery
  • Fixed: PHP warnings and errors due to the latest PHP version
2.5 (29. 8. 2017)
  • Added: Offset to blog carousels
  • Fixed: Facebook API
  • Fixed: Banner’s link target
  • Fixed: Default localization in Theme Option’s Translations
  • Fixed: Copyrights 2016 to 2017
2.4 (05. 06. 2017)
  • Fixed: Time string localization in top bar (like monday…)
  • Fixed: Custom banner X text area pop up in Theme Options
  • Fixed: Theme Options Translations issue
2.3 (17. 03. 2017)
  • Added: WPML integration in Plugins->Add News->Commercial tab
  • Fixed: Gallery banner issue for google ads
  • Fixed: Jaw Social Share Buttons now working properly
  • Fixed: Error log warning messages to jwOpt function
  • Fixed: HTTP Error issue during importing demo content
  • Fixed: Theme Options cannot be saved due to HTTP Error message
  • Fixed: SEO warning message
  • Fixed: Removed warning message because of wrong permissions to css files (to avoid confusing)
  • Fixed: Minor css issues
  • Improved: Directory tmpl is deprecated. Directory Templates was added for better user customization
2.2 (10. 02. 2017)
  • Added: Option to turn the caption on below the featured image in single post
  • Fixed: Slider issues on IEs
  • Fixed: PHP warning messages
  • Fixed: Minor issues
2.1 (9. 12. 2016)
  • Added: Theme Options in WordPress Customisation
  • Added: More JaW Filters and Actions
  • Added: Support for FB and self-hosted video in Post format video
  • Improved: Instagram API
  • Improved: Demo installation
  • Improved: Preset overview
  • Fixed: Clickable image in Blog
  • Fixed: Link in gallery shortcode
2.0 (28. 10. 2016)
  • Added: SleekMag demo
  • Added: Russian translation
  • Improved: Readers Count
  • Improved: Compatibility with older PHP
  • Improved: Slider Query options
  • Improved: JaW Mega menu in Demo
  • Improved: Title shortcode
  • Fixed: Gallery below single post
1.7 (26. 10. 2016)
  • Added: Submit Video to demo content
  • Improved: Help
  • Improved: Social widget
  • Improved: Compatibility with older browsers
  • Improved: Menu control on tablets
  • Fixed: Login shortcode redirect
  • Fixed: Comment author link
  • Fixed: Prev-Next post date
  • Fixed: Presentation box shortcode
1.6 (19.10.2016)
  • Added: New “Business” Demo
  • Added: Conditional shortcodes
  • Added: Turkish translation
  • Imrpoved: JaW Social widget
  • Fixed: Readers count
1.5 (12.10.2016)
  • Added: New “Smartness” Demo
  • Improved: Sanitize strings
  • Improved: Sidebars javascript
  • Improved: Video Icon
  • Improved: Fixed Sidebars
  • Improved: Colors in Categories
  • Improved: Google Microdata
  • Fixed: JS in Header option in TO
1.4 (05.10.2016)
  • Fixed: Readers Count
  • Fixed: What’s new section in Theme Options
  • Fixed: Isotope for showing images correctly
  • Fixed: WordPress Pagination
  • Fixed: MyNews feature is now shows correctly
  • Fixed: Dropcap shortcode first excerpt letter now shows correctly
  • Fixed: Google Maps shortcode
  • Fixed: Theme options toggle element now saves values correctly
  • Improved: Code for strict PHP versions
  • Improved: Sanitization during saving Theme Options
  • Improved: Blank Search Phrase
  • Improved: Fixed Sidebar
  • Improved: Caching Instagram widget
1.3 (19.9.2016)
  • Fixed: error mb_strtolower during import demo data
1.2 (16.9.2016)
  • Added: Compatibility with Dailimotion videos
  • Fixed: RatingValue issue in single post where html was printed between sum rated value
  • Fixed: Footer 4 8 style now is showing properly
  • Fixed: Message “Variable missing” in very rare cases
1.1 (13.9.2016)
  • Improved: Microdata

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