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Fibra is a geometric sans serif yet without the typical structural strictness of these kinds of fonts, that represents experimental type design.

This can be seen in the contrast between curves and straight lines in some characters such as ’n’ and ‘h’ unlike rounded ones such as ‘a’ and’; details of some display characters (e.g. three upper terminals in ‘W’ and projection off the stem in ‘A’); and exaggerated terminal in ‘R’.

All these features give Fibra a strong personality—a sans serif typeface that ‘gives you the chills’.

Fibra was specially designed for display use. The font has a very generous x-height that allows for use in corporate text, thanks to its good readability.

Fibra comes with 2 subfamilies—a more ’normal’ Basic family, with a smaller amount of stylistic features, for use in subheadings or any other type of text that requires formality.

An Alt family that shows off the true potential of the font, making it the perfect choice for magazine headlines, posters, and logotypes.

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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