Hello, Guys welcome to TechMech Today I will talk about Best Free VPN Services in 2020. Previously I have written about the best free VPNs the response was quite good.

So, I thought it would be a good time to compare some Best Free VPN options, including one Best Free VPN that’s truly 100% free with no data caps and no catches.

Our honest, comprehensive reviews will help you choose the right Best Free VPN for you, whether you want to stream Netflix, about your privacy, or stay completely anonymous online.

We can honestly say that after our rigorous testing and reviewing, our top 5 Best Free VPN will keep you safe, protect your data, and give you lightning-fast streaming speeds.

Here Are 2020’s Best Free VPN Providers – Reviewed & Compared

ProtonVPN – Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN Services in 2020

ProtonVPN offers a free VPN with no data caps and the same privacy policy as their paid VPN.

Where just about all other Best Free VPNs on this list have a data cap like 0.5GB per day, the free version of ProtonVPN can be used as much as you want with no data cap.

Look, unlimited usage is great, but how are the speeds? The biggest issue I faced with the free version of ProtonVPN is inconsistent speeds. I saw speeds as high as 150mb per second down, and speeds as low as 2mb per second down with a 528ms ping.

ProtonVPN is definitely not a fast Best Free VPN just due to the consistency problems. It definitely can be fast, but you can’t depend on it for speed. The other big issue is that streaming is not supported on the free version of ProtonVPN.

But chances are, if you’re searching for a Best Free VPN, you’re likely willing to compromise on speed and features, but you need to know you can rely on the privacy policy, and the free version of ProtonVPN is great for privacy.

But honestly, if you’re just looking to get dependable privacy and get the benefits of a VPN for free, I don’t think it’s really fair to complain about the speed.

ProtonVPN is a legit Best Free VPN provider, and I think it’s really neat that they are providing a Best Free VPN for everyone to use. ProtonVPN is the only main Best Free VPN I could find that offers unlimited usage.

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FreeVPN – Best Free VPN in 2020

Best Free VPN Services in 2020

I did come across this app called FreeVPN in the App Store when searching but don’t be fooled, it’s not a Best Free VPN. I downloaded the app to find out that I have to watch ads to earn VPN time.

I tapped the 10 ads option and decided to time it, and it took me just under 5 minutes to get through 10 ads and unlock a day of access to the VPN.

On the bright side, you get VPN minutes for each ad you watch, so if you decide to bail after watching three or four ads, FreeVPN at least gives you some VPN access for your time.

But at the end of the day, I would not recommend using FreeVPN at all. I don’t like having to watch spammy ads to use a VPN, it’s not really that fast, and ProtonVPN offers a better experience that is truly free.

Get FreeVPN

Windscribe – Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN Services in 2020

Windscribe is a moderately fast Best Free VPN that offers you 10GB of data per month free with a confirmed email address.

It’s worth noting that Windscribe does let you create an account without providing an email address, which some people will prefer from a privacy standpoint, but you only get 2GB of data free per month, and you also won’t be able to reset your password if you forget it.

But if you confirm your email address, and if you Tweet about Windscribe, you’ll have access to 15GB of data per month absolutely free, which puts you right around that 0.5GB per day mark that’s common to see with Best Free VPNs.

The difference is that Windscribe gives you 15GB of data instead of a small daily amount, so if you’d like to save the data and use all 15GB in one day, you can do that.

Windscribe has faster, more consistent speeds than ProtonVPN, and I think it’s a great option to have in addition to ProtonVPN because it never hurts to have several options.

Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about Windscribe as a Best Free VPN and budget paid VPN.

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TunnelBear – Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN Services in 2020

This is another personal favorite of mine that gives you 0.5GB of data per day absolutely free. TunnelBear, apparently only offers you 500mb of free data per month, not per day.

And 500mb of free data in a month is really not much data to do anything. So should you still download TunnelBear as a Best Free VPN?

Well maybe if you’re interested in trying it to think that you might wanna upgrade and then buy the paid version, but again, as a Best Free VPN, TunnelBear is not exactly what I thought it was.

Now obviously, 500mb of data is easy to burn through in one day, which is why I suggest using it in conjunction with Windscribe and ProtonVPN, again just to give yourself more options.

Get TunnelBear

Hotspot Shield – Best Free VPN

Best Free VPN Services in 2020

Hotspot Shield appears a great option on the surface. Let me tell you, the pro version is blazing fast.

I absolutely believe their claims of winning the award for the world’s fastest Best Free VPN, because I saw speeds of up to 280mb per second down on their pro version but their free version is even slower than the slow speeds of ProtonVPN’s free version.

You’re limited to 500mb per day, and their privacy policy does not make me comfortable recommending either the free or paid version of Hotspot Shield.

I would not recommend using even the free version of Hotspot Shield. Even if a VPN is free, the privacy policy needs to be on point, or you shouldn’t use it.

Get Hotspot Shield

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a good Best Free VPN Services in 2020, I would recommend what I call the Best Free VPN, that’s to use Windscribe and TunnelBear.

When you need a fast browsing session and use ProtonVPN as an unlimited free VPN when you just need security and don’t need to prioritize speed.

If you require streaming and fast speeds on a budget, I would recommend building your own plan with Windscribe or checking out Surfshark. These are both amazing budget options that allow you to do streaming and give you those faster speeds.

So which Best Free VPN do you guys use? I’d love to know in the comments down below.


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