Benoda Action Font Free Download

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Benoda is a series of modern comic book typefaces inspired by the great Ben Oda, whose exquisite hand-lettering appears in comic books, comic strips, and more, published from the 1940’s to the 1980’s! These typefaces were all inspired by Oda’s work at EC Comics during the early 1950’s, specifically in Two-Fisted Tales, and I hope you’ll enjoy creating with them as much as I enjoyed creating them!Our new faces from the Benoda family are Benoda Action [for those moments when bold just isn’t enough,] and Benoda Cursive [for for those blue moments that pop up every now and then!]

Benoda Action Font Free Download

Benoda Action Font Free Download

These two faces enhance the action within a word balloon with just the right amount of emotional oomph! For your convenience, both are available in the Benoda Emotive Bundle!There’s often a lack of fluidity in a “hand lettering” font; each letter looking the same regardless of how many times you type it and screaming “mechanical reproduction,” so Benoda is packed with contextual alternates

Benoda Action Font Free Download

Benoda Action Font Free Download

If you don’t already know, contextual alternates cycle through multiple glyphs in most graphics programs, breaking up the repetition and imbuing the text with an even feel, The differences in Benoda are minor, but add just enough randomness to make the text flow as if it came directly from the tip of a Speedball

And the best part is, you don’t really have to do much to make the magic happen, just make sure your program works with contextual alternates and make sure they’re turned on!Within each Benoda typeface are three alternate glyphs of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and a few common punctuation marks

Additionally, there are a whole mess of international diacritics so you can create in almost any language using latin roman glyphs! And while Benoda is geared toward comics lettering, it works wherever you need a bit of hand-lettering! [NOTE: Benoda Cursive contains only glyphs for A-Z and a-z

]So what is Benoda Action? It’s essentially the heat of battle typeface for when Sarge needs to get those dogfaces over the next hill, or when mom has absolutely had it with the teen hero’s messy room!So what’s in the Benoda Action package? You get the Benoda Action typeface in both TTF and OTF font formats plus the FREE 32-page Benoda specimen book PDF! Not certain if Benoda is the right typeface family for you? Head on over to www

magcloud, com/browse/issue/1483421 and you can browse or download the FREE PDF spec book which has hints, tips, history, and full glyph maps of all the Benoda typefaces, plus release dates, and a few fun surprises thrown in, Once you’ve decided to love Benoda, you can even order a ridiculously overpriced hardcopy of the spec book, sure to become a collector’s item someday!Until next time!

Benoda Action demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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