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TT Norms PRO Font is your favorite TT Norms, but much, much better. TT Norms Pro includes 22 reworked fonts, 1581 glyphs in each font, 24 OpenType features, support for more than 216 languages (extended Latin, extended Cyrillic, Greek, etc.), and much much more.

Because TT Norms PRO Font is a very popular font family, we have been constantly receiving requests to add something new to it, whether it be support for additional languages, mathematical symbols, or even small capitals.

At some point, we’ve just decided to collect all these wishes into one technical task and introduce a grand update, the result of which is TT Norms Pro.

TT Norms Pro Font History

TT Norms PRO 8 - Post

At the start, we’ve looked at all the existing glyphs and corrected their contours, after which we significantly upgraded the character set of the family. Now you can count on 1581 glyphs in each font, instead of 1392 glyphs, as it was in the original version.

After that, we’ve created new italics, paying particular attention to the compensation of ovals, diagonals, and the offset of diacritics when slanted.

We completely redid the kerning, and recreated hinting from scratch—especially for TT Norms Pro, we developed a new hinting technique and a technique for its testing.

TT Norms Pro—“the one” universal geometric grotesk with the widest implementation range!

And now we will talk more about the character set in TT Norms Pro and what influenced its growth. First of all, this is language support—over 100 new languages appeared in TT Norms and the total number of supported languages now exceeds 216.

In addition to extended Latin and extended Cyrillic, Greek finally appeared in the typeface. For some languages, for example for Bulgarian, we have prepared localized versions of the forms of some characters. And as a bonus, we drew several historical Cyrillic characters.

In addition, now TT Norms Pro boasts small capitals, a set of mathematical symbols, and a large number of currency signs, arrows, and numbers in circles, a large set of fractions, stylistic alternates, and ligatures.

Despite all the work done, TT Norms Pro continues to be a geometric sans serif for a wide range of applications—a trouble-free workhorse. TT Norms works equally well both in large text arrays or in headlines, as well as on the web and it is “the one”, the indispensable universal modern geometric sans.

Total update of a universal sans serif!

  • 22 styles: 11 upright, 11 italics
  • 1581 glyphs in each of the 24 fonts
  • Small Capitals
  • Support for more than 216+ languages: extended Latin, extended Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, Bulgarian localizations, and many, many other languages*
  • 24 OpenType features in each style: small capitals, stylistic alternates, ligatures, old-style figures, and other useful features**
  • Manual TrueType Hinting

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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