Tools Fonts Musette Script Font Family Free Download

Musette Script Font Family Free Download

Musette Script Font Family Free Download

Introducing Musette Script Font, a modern, versatile font based on hand-lettered forms with THREE complete character sets including upper and lower cases and foreign characters, in both regular and italic styles for a total of SIX fonts, 360 ligatures and a nice set of catchwords, swashes, arrows and circles to accent your designs.

Musette Script Font Family Free Download


Musette Script Font characters have clean edges while keeping the interest and flowing feeling of hand-lettered forms. If you use all the alternate characters and ligatures, you’ll be able to design things that truly look hand-lettered and spontaneous. We designed all the character sets to work together, but each set can also stand on its own.

Musette Script Font Musette Script Font

In software that supports OpenType, you can access everything in your Glyphs panel and make sure to turn on your ligatures or discretionary ligatures, swashes, and check out all three stylistic sets.

If you are using software that doesn’t support Open Type, no problem. Just install and use the fonts in the Musette Script Font NON OT folder and you can access everything by toggling through the fonts or through Character Viewer or FontBook.

Musette Script Font

Musette Script Font is perfect for blogs, advertisements, social media posts, wedding suites and much more. Check out our previews to see how versatile this font can be.


  • 2 Fonts, Regular and Italic, (OTF and TTF versions each) for those who use Open Type Software that includes all three character sets, 360 ligatures, 12 catchwords, 7 swashes, 4 arrows and 3 circles.
  • 16 separate fonts for those who are not using Open Type software (such as Silhouette, etc). Along with a character map for the ligatures and extras.
  • 9 bonus original logo templates.
  • AI and EPS file with new swashes.

Musette supports Western European Languages and has three complete sets of foreign characters.

Musette Script Font demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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