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LiebeHeide color font Free Download

LiebeHeide color font Free Download

Amazingly real looking handwritten messages done with LiebeHeide color font LiebeHeide, designed by Ulrike Rausch, is based on high-res digitized ballpoint pen letterings, combined with OpenType features such as ligatures and alternate letters.

Typical handwriting attributes like symbols and doodles, up to underlines (single and double) and lots of strikethroughs give this typeface its charm.

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Most symbols are easily accessible because they assemble automatically, for example, the heart from ﹤3, a smiley face from 🙂 or arrows from -﹥ and –﹥. In total LiebeHeide contains almost 500 glyphs.

LiebeHeide color font works in all professional design programs, e. g. in Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps and all native Mac OS apps like Pages, Numbers, or Keynote.

The color of words set in LiebeHeide cannot be changed in text editors, but with Photoshop filters. Ingenious: to increase performance, the font has 3 different resolutions, so that applications only load the size that is currently needed.

Typical areas of application for LiebeHeide color font are packaging and editorial design, as well as personalized mailings and the entire spectrum of below-the-line marketing: ambient media, direct marketing, lotteries, flyers, as well as event and guerilla marketing.

In social media marketing, this authentic script draws attention to banners and memes.

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⁣LiebeHeide color font at a glance

  • a color font based on bitmap images
  • supported by Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps and all native Mac OS apps
  • works best on light backgrounds (set layer effect to “Darken”, when the background is not white)
  • lots of alternatives letterforms & ligatures included for natural handwriting look
  • language support: Latin, Western European, Central European
  • limited scalability: when printed with x-hight larger than 5 cm it might start getting blurry

LiebeHeide color font is a demo font for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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