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Goldplay font family free download

Goldplay font family free download

Goldplay font is based on Isidora Sans design yet features rounded shapes. Its rounded, soft terminals give it a friendly and expressive look, and its modern and contemporary style as well as its classic proportions make it an excellent choice for headlines, logotypes, branding, books, magazines, motion graphics, and use on web and Tv.

Goldplay font family free download Goldplay font


One of its key features is a large x-height which makes it look elegant and classy. Goldplay font comes in 2 versions—each in 7 weights, from Thin to Black, and matching italics, resulting in a total of 28 fonts.

The standard sans serif version—fresh, clean, and contemporary—is a perfect choice for editorial and corporate design, headlines, books, magazines, or any other piece of graphic design.

Goldplay font Goldplay font

The Alt semi-serif display version—more expressive and modern—is ideal for logotypes, branding, packaging, and use on the web and Tv.

Goldplay font contains a set of 540 characters that support over 200 Latin-based languages.

Goldplay font demo is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

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