PlayTube V1.8.0 Script – The Ultimate Video Sharing Platform

PlayTube Script V1.8.0 is a video sharing script, PlayTube script is the best way to start your own video sharing website! PlayTube script is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

PlayTube script is #1 High-Quality Video CMS SEO optimization, unbeaten security and speed are advantages you no longer have to compromise on.

PlayTube script having feature like high-speed import, Choose a few keywords to run the task sit back and thousands of videos will be imported from YouTube and Dailymotion to your site.

PlayTube script can handle more than 1 billion videos easily with very high performance and speed. PlayTube script also having a feature like WoWonder Social Network login, with one click user can log in to your site.

PlayTube script V1.8.0 – The Ultimate PHP Video CMS & Video Sharing Platform

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Core Features Of PlayTube Script V1.8.0 Script

  • Upload Videos: Upload any video from your device and share it online
  • Import Videos: Import videos easily from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
  • Auto Import Videos: Choose a few keywords, run the task, sit back and thousands of videos will be imported from YouTube and Dailymotion to your site!
  • High Performance & Capability: PlayTube can handle more than 1B videos easily, with very high performance and speed.
  • WoWonder Integration: With one click, users can log in to your site using WoWonder Social Network.
  • Like & Dislike: Users can like or dislike videos.
  • Comments System: Users can comment on videos.
  • Subscriptions, History, Watch Later Pages: See what you recently watched, explore other channels videos by subscribing to their channel, and save the video to watch them later.
  • User Channels: User can create his own channel and upload/import unlimited videos.
  • Full Advertisement System: Admin & Users can create videos, vpaid, vast, and images of ads from the admin panel.
  • SiteMap Generator: If you have 10 videos, or 1 Billion videos, our sitemap generator system will generate a powerful sitemap and ping it to Google/Bing.
  • SEO friendly: SEO friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love!
  • Powerful Admin panel: Manage settings, videos, design, and a lot more easily from our admin panel.
  • Powerful UI: Beautiful and modern design.

PlayTube Script Requirements:

  • PHP 5.5 or Higher.
  • MySQLi.
  • GD Library.
  • mbstring.
  • cURL.
  • allow_url_fopen.

PlayTube Script V1.8.0 Script Change Log

PlayTube Script Version 1.8 19/02/2020
[Added] ability to rent a video system.
[Added] ability to set only admin can upload videos from admin panel. [enable/disable]
[Added] emojie support for video description.
[Added] ability to subscribe to a playlist only so if playlist gets updated user shall get a notification. [enable/disable]
[Added] ability for users to set in the settings from which categories they want to see videos on homepage.
[Added] ability to set daily/lifetime budget for ads.
[Added] require subcription before being able to access site. [enable/disable]
[Added] mass notifications system.
[Added] register by invitation code system.
[Added] auto delete system, delete videos from date to date, type and size.
[Added] auto subscribe system.
[Added] ability to reposition cover from profile page.
[Added] activities system, user now can post status.
[Added] 12+ more APIs.
[Removed] .mp4 etc when video get uploaded from title.
[Updated] Google Login API.
[Improved] Design on some senctions.
[Fixed] 45+ important bugs.

PlayTube Script Version 1.7.1 24/10/2019
[Added] ability to add fake views, likes, in the admin panel for specific videos.
[Added] ability to enable/disable monetization for specific videos. [enable/disable]
[Added] ability to apply for monetization for each user. (form) [enable/disable]
[Added] the ability to send take down notice for specific video. [enable/disable]
[Added] when someone access site first time a popup was added to select specific language.
[Added] 5+ more APIs.
[Fixed] 20+ important bugs.

Download PlayTube Script V1.8.0

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