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Today we will talk about the Best Earning App for Android, Everyone wants to earn money and online is the best way to earn money with no investment issue or no loss problem.

There are many ways to earn money online and today we will talk about earning from the Android app, yes the app is also one of the coolest ways to earn real cash currently.

Best Earning App for Android

Here is the list of top 5 Best Earning App for Android these apps are not all the best app, also these apps pay the highest income compare to other earning app available in the google play store.

So without wasting any more time lets take a look at the top 5 Best Earning App for Android.


Best Earning App for AndroidOneAD is a lock screen app, which offers you the triple advantages, EARN+SAVE+Win money this application always gives new deals and exclusive offers for users it is a very useful app for earning money.

This app is very simple by referring to your friend. you got referral money for each active member in your network for the 10th level you can earn up to 2.5 lakhs every month.

Another great feature the spin and earn section are offered to users to make money online by spinning wheel .for every spin you got a chance to win real money this application is full of real-time offers, discount coupons for smart shopping.

OneAD is a completely free app. if u are a person who sometimes makes a choice a discount. this application is useful for you OneAD never shares the user’s personal information with any third party.

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Loco – Live Trivia Game Show

Best Earning App for AndroidLoco is an interactive game show quiz app which is developed by Pocket Aces Picture Anyone can earn real cash from the loco app, the concept of the game is very simple and easy.

In-app every day you have to give an answer of 10 different questions, If you answer all 10 questions correctly then you will be paid with shared prize money in your digital wallet.

The quiz takes place twice in a day, the quiz can be played at 1.30 pm and 10 pm. The strategy is very simple the more you play the more you earn.

Loco is a very popular earning app with more than 10,000,000+ installs on Google Play store. Currently, the Loco app is available in Hindi and English editions but will be launched soon in Telugu and Tamil too.

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Make Money – Free Cash App

Best Earning App for AndroidThe Make Money is a very similar app like Tuskbucks, in fact, better then Taskbucks, very high paying rates for trying apps.

There are many ways to earn money from make money app complete simple tasks inside the app to earn cash also earn by watching videos, completing surveys, testing services, giving opinions, free trails and much more.

Make Money offer a very secure and fast payment system, earning amount can be redeemed through PayPal which is fee-free.

Just earn cash by completing tasks in the app and get paid, no gift card issue or discounts once you earned the withdrawal amount you can take out your earning with very simple and the fastest way with guaranteed paying service.

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Best Earning App for AndroidmCent is an app that earns money by doing something as simple as easy as downloading apps and testing them.

As soon you first time open this app you receive a small amount of money, and you keep it for a week you receive a few amounts of money with a mCent browser, you can earn 199 rupees in free talk time and data for use.

Simply Register to create an account, start visiting your favorites sites, read, the latest news or search for anything you need your4 account connected directly to your carrier within seconds! recharge Prepaid use your balance towards your monthly postpaid plane.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Best Earning App for AndroidThe Google opinion reward app was created and developed by the Google Survey team. A very useful app you have to answer some quick surveys to earn google play store credits.

The app will send you a survey once a week depending on your information when you field out your application, answer those survey to earn credits don’t worry surveys are very easy anyone can answer.

After successfully submitting your first survey you have to wait for the next survey, the app will send you a notification about the survey when the survey is ready.

Each survey gives you up to $1.00 in your Google Play account which can be redeemed anytime at the Google Play store people love this application because of the short surveys which are very simple and easy to answer.

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Your Turn

I hope you like the 5 Best Earning App for Android. Let me know which is your favorite game in the comment section below.



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