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Winslow Font Family Free Download

Winslow Font is a playfully modern typeface with 6 weights and packed with styling features.

Delicate features give it a playful feel while keeping Scotch Modern attributes of vertical stress, bracket serifs, and ball terminals. Unique features separate it from others in the category, including ball terminals on the roman ā€™sā€™ and slight swelling in the series.

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Winslow Font was designed to be a perfect typeface for text and display purposes.

Because optionality is always fun, Winslow Font comes with an array of alternative features that add an extra bit of flare.

From stylistic alternatives to tail serifs (in K, k, d, h, m, n) to complete new character designs (for g, y and &) a designer can choose between which style they need for any project. Discretionary ligatures also create alternatives to all capital letter combinations.

The family also comes with a playful set of italics that complement the roman and come with their own set of alternatives.

Winslow Font Family:

  • Winslow Book Hairline
  • Winslow Book Hairline Italic
  • Winslow Book Light
  • Winslow Book Light Italic
  • Winslow Book Regular
  • Winslow Book Regular Italic
  • Winslow Book SemiBold
  • Winslow Book SemiBold Italic
  • Winslow Book Bold
  • Winslow Book Bold Italic
  • Winslow Book Black
  • Winslow Book Black Italic

Winslow Font Alternatives:

  • Stylistic alternatives for both roman and italic
  • Discretionary ligatures for capital letters
  • Start swashes for capital letters
  • Alternative ampersands

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

Download font here

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