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Refinery Font Family Free Download

Refinery Font is the newest font in the Evanston Collection of square typefaces. With a similar capital structure to Tavern and Alehouse, Refinery includes both lowercase and small caps, making it an ideal typeface for paragraph text settings.

It also comes in a wide array of weights and widths, with 85 font files in total.


Refinery Font has its roots in early 20th-century signage and saloon typography but has been modernized – even future-sized – to fit the 21st-century digital landscape.

The design was aimed at providing a type of family that could work in many modern design fields, from sports, tech, and military to gaming, HUD, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Refinery Font is a simple mono-linear square design that has been expertly refined into an easy-reading sans serif typeface. It was designed to be used in both display and text settings.

From hairline to black in ultra-narrow or extended, the wide array of weight and width options makes it easy to find the right font for each text need.

Refinery Font not only includes 85 font files, but each one includes a wide array of Opentype Extras that allow even further customization.

  • Stylistic Alternatives: Letters A W Y have a styling variation that rounds the pointed apex into a square curve. The S and 2 variation straighten the spine, making all curves in the alphabet read as 90º angles.
  • Small Capitals: A shortened version of the capitals for alternate header settings.
  • Titling Alternatives: In this typeface, this feature turns on lifted small caps. Take the small capitals, raise them to level with capitals and underline at the baseline. When multiple lowercase or small capital letters are typed in a row, the underlines connect, creating unique ligatures.
  • Figures: There are different figure styles for different text needs. Options include proportional lining, tabular lining (for math), old-style and small capitals.
  • Discretionary Ligatures: A little funk to this otherwise serious typeface. Letters with a long baseline or cap height stem – F, L, T – get elongated to hug a small capital vowel. Other ligatures include Co. and No.
  • Catchwords: These are common words that bring emphasis to a design. In English, these words include ‘and’ ‘as’ ‘by’ ‘in’ ‘of’ ‘the’ ‘to’ ‘when’, among others. The refinery also includes multilingual catchwords of ‘el’ ‘la’ ‘oder’ ‘go’ ‘para’ ‘pour’ ‘und’ ‘y’, among others. For the full list, please check out the specimen images.

To round the typeface off, a set of over 150 ornaments, icons, arrows, patterns, and line breaks is included to provide complimentary graphics. These can be found in the Ornaments labeled font, it is recommended to use the Glyphs panel to select which text glyph is needed.

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

Download font here



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