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Citronela Font Family Free Download

Citronela Font is a font family designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo G. The bubbly character of citronela was born during the design process of Flaminia and Naturalia fonts.

The multiple alternative letters of citronela allow us to create exuberant logos, phrases and expressive writing with imaginative and tropical flavor.

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Citronela Font is ideal for sensations pleasing, recreational or artistic issues. You can use it in labels of organic products as well as posters and notices of a brand of syrup, meringue, pudding or chantilly cream.

Citronela Font would be ideal in a logo for a Caribbean hotel or a phrase written in a cap, key chains, and selling points material. Highly emphasize atmospheres of graphic design that need writing with alternative letters and suggestive swashes.

Its empty and full areas are opposed to the serious and formal as his brilliant and sensitive random motion generate fun and creative ideas

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

Download font here

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