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Boring Sans Font Family Free Download

Boring Sans Font designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, is a typeface family designed along the two-variable axis: weight and weirdness.

These two parameters allow designers to explore a full range of variations on sans serif design, starting from a neutral set of proportions and evolving to a strongly contrasted and dynamic treatment, ready to raise eyebrows on social media.


The basic “A” subfamily, developed in five weights plus italics, behaves like a traditional, solid workhorse sans serif, with finely tuned proportions for optimal readability and minimal emotional impact.

The “B” subfamily, developed in the same ten weights, shows a more contemporary “brutal” approach, with slanted lines, deep ink-traps and stronger contrast.

All these features are brought to the extreme in the ten weights of the “C” subfamily, with each letter a bombastic show of exuberant weirdness.

Each of the style variants is developed in five weight with matching italics, with a glyph set covering extended Latin languages and including many alternate forms and stylistic sets.

This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.


Download font here



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