Android P Stock Ringtone Free Download

Finally Android P is here manny google phones such as Android One are getting updates of android P as you know the previous version of Android was Oreo which was enough to make user satisfied with the whole system of Android Oreo was exact like Android Marshmello, but, but, but Android P will be somehow different as I don’t know exactly about the Latest Android iteration version is short Android P but I guess there will be some unique feature as shown in rumors and leaked videos.

Anyway let’s come to the point, the whole article is about, now you guy’s can enjoy the official stock ringtone of Android P yes guy’s finally I found the stock ringtone of Android, I’ll put download link below, you can check out soon.

Speaking about Android P now google users such as Android one users and pixel users and enjoy Android P also you can manually download the firmware image to your smartphone. However, since the Android P is in developer preview and phone driver will be unsupported I guess, but there are many good reasons of waiting for the final release of Android P as you know old is always better. well, you can find many custom ROM exact like Android P on the web but as you know the problem is stability but very soon Android P update likely to be available on many devices and hope list of your device could also be there.

What’s in Android P?

The word comes first in my mind about is Simplicity, speed and many new other features which can extend your apps. In detail MessagingStyle and other notification updates, ImageDecoder for bitmaps and drawables, Data cost sensitivity in job scheduler, Display cutout APIs, Multi-camera APIs and More you can also check out the Android P Developer Preview webpage.

Download via the Google Drive and Mega links below.