What are Advantage and Disadvantage of Rooting?

Android is the one and the only platform where to can do many customize without knowing any knowledge you can change everything of your android device by rooting your Android device but before go ahead you must know Advantage and Disadvantages of Rooting.

Many customizations can be done after rooting but like every advantage, there is some disadvantage which you should know before rooting your Android device.

Below you will find everything about rooting its advantage and what is its disadvantage which is most necessary for every android user because once you brick your Android device can take you to heavy loss.

What are the advantages of Rooting

Rooting your Android smartphone is not sufficient to get rooting benefits you have to know what can be done after rooting your android device, there are many hacks and features which can be gain after rooting and some benefits are

  • You can install Custom ROMs every time you will install a new ROM you will find a new device with new OS features but not every time this works sometimes installing Custom OS can brick your phone.
  • You can remove pre-installed apps from your phone which can’t be done without rooting.
  • You can block ads in any apps there are many android apps can be found in the play store which can block ads of your android devices but they need permission and rooting your phone can fix the issue.
  • You can install Incompatible Apps many android apps are very useful but sometimes these apps don’t support your android operating system and rooting is the only way to enjoy incompatible apps.
  • You can change the skin for your Android device as you can see there are very minimum Skin on your android device but you can enjoy and customize and tweaked skin on your if you root your device and install a new ROMs.
  • You can also increase your Android device speed and boost battery life, some android apps are very powerful like Greenify which can automatically fix your phone speed and also can improve battery life but Greenify needs root access to use the app.
  • You can make a whole system backup of your Android device, yes by rooting your phone you can keep a complete backup of your Android device using some android like Titanium Backup tool.

These are some advantages of the rooting device in one word, rooting can make you be the master of Android device. You can operate everything on your Android device.

What is the Disadvantage of Rooting

Before knowing the benefits of rooting you must know what is the disadvantage of rooting, most to you may know about the benefits of rooting. However, there is some disadvantage of rooting your device you should know before rooting your Android device.

  • Rooting can brick your device, many Android apps are suitable for your Android device and cant be found on play store but to enjoy there benefits most of you install these apps which can misoperation and sometimes you may turn your Android device into a brick.
  • Rooting can avoid the Warranty of your phone, yes according to every android phone manufacturer company if you root your android device you will out of the warranty rather if you unroot your device the warranty will no more for your Android Device.
  • Rooting will block for the company support, sometimes you want to root your Android device to get the latest OS but you must know after rooting you will fail to update any company OS this happens due to software modification while rooting.

In Conclusion

So guys hope to understand the advantage and disadvantages of rooting before taking a rooting step you must remember the above advantage and disadvantages.

If you have less knowledge about rooting I recommend you to gain some knowledge before going further because once you brick your Android device while rooting you can go to heavy loss.