Chinese telecom company Realme is Highest selling smartphone brand in India. all the phones are very good Quality. Today I was talking about Realme Android devices and how to install TWRP recovery mode also I was describing what are the benefits of Rooting the device. The process of installing TWRP Recovery or Custom recovery is very simple and easy which can be done using PC and below I have guided the whole process of installing TWRP Recover in Step by Step.

However, many users don’t satisfied with the specs and want to try custom ROMs, tweaks and hack and to do all that you have to root your realme Android device, but to root your device first you have to install recovery mode, don’t worry installing recovery mode is very simple and today in this article I will guide how to install Recovery mode on Realme. Below we I have described the whole process of installing TWRP follow the steps carefully to get TWRP mode.


  • Realme Phone with over 70% charged
  • A properly working USB data cable
  • USB Drivers ADB and fastboot tool.

USB drivers for Realme 1

USB drivers for Realme 2

USB drivers for Realme 2 Pro

ADB & Fastboot tool

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Realme Phones:

Download all the required files on your PC.

  1. Download and install USB drivers and ADB Fastboot tool also download the TWRP Recovery file and Extract them into a New folder.
  2. Now open SP Flash Tool and Go to Options > Option… > Download > Tick “DA DL All with Checksum” > Close the options box.

Let’s start flashing TWRP Recovery

Step 1. Go to TWRP Recovery folder inside you will find the Scatter file, Now rename the file to recovery.img

Step 2. One SP Flash Tool and from the “Download” tab click on “Scatter-Loading”.

Step 3. Now, at the location tab, click on the storage location field and search for the custom recovery image file which is recovery.img

Finally flashes the recovery.img the process may take a few minutes when the recovery successfully installed now unplug your device and Reboot. That’s it now you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on your Realme Device. Enjoy!

How to Root Realme Android Phones

After  installing TWRP recovery you must be now thinking to root your Realme 1 Android smartphone and here is an article about rooting realme 1 in this article I have guided the whole process how to root realme 1 with step by step


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