Xiaomi is one of the most popular and successful brands in India almost every Indian user use Xiaomi device and should because Xiaomi delivers high-end smartphones at a very cheap price. Xiaomi’s own OS MIUI is very high rated OS with no doubt but there are many users who want to root there device to install custom ROM or want to enjoy other rooting benefits. Rooting an Android phone gives special features and abilities. A few years ago rooting a smartphone was very easy, which only involved two or three steps to root Android device. Now, before rooting your device you have to follow some starting steps, some devices need no Bootloader Unlocking to root their device but In order to root Xiaomi device, you have to first Unlock Bootloader.

What is Bootloader Unlocking?

Bootloader Unlocking is a process by which you can root your android device or can make any changes which cannot be done before unlocking Bootloader of your Android Device. Many changes can be done after Unlocking Bootloader like Rooting Android Device, installing custom ROMs and other basics which only can access by a developer.

Xiaomi Phones can directly be Unlocked Bootloader using Mi Unlock Tool. This tool successfully works only on Xiaomi phones.

Important Notes:

  • Unlocking of bootloader will lose your warranty.
  • We are not responsible for any damage.
  • This method is for Xiaomi Phones only. Do not try this method on any other phones.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Phones

Thanks to the developer there is an official Mi Unlock tools which you can use to Unlock Bootloader, root your device and some others works. Using the Mi Unlock tool is very simple and easy just you need is a PC to install Mi Unlock Tool and thus the other process is very simple. Here is a full blog on how to unlock the bootloader on any Xiaomi phones without any problems.


  • Mi Unlock Tool (Latest version)
  • Xiaomi Phone with at least 50% charged
  • Properly working USB cable.
  • Basic knowledge of Computer

Request permissions to unlock the bootloader from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a very larger company and if you want to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Device you have to need permission from Xiaomi. You have to submit an application on the Xiaomi Bootloader websites to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi device.

Step 1. Go to the Mi Unlocker websites and then press on Unlock now.

Step 2. Login into the website using your Xiaomi account and submit your request.

Step 3. After then, you will receive a text message takes (3 days to 21 days).

After receiving the text message you can read full notification and unlock your Xiaomi Device at any time.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 1. Go to your Phone Settings, down you will find “Additional Settings” click on it.

Step 2. In Addition Setting there you will find Developer options and under developer find OEM Unlock.

Step 3. Now Simply enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.

Source: Gizbot


Use Mi Unlock tool to Unlock Bootloader

Step 1. Download and Install the Mi Unlock Tool on your PC

Mi Unlock tool can be downloaded from the Xiaomi official websites, download tool and install on your Windows computer and sign into the app using your Mi Account (Account which you used to get permission form Xiaomi Unlocking website).

Step 2. Reboot your device into fastboot mode.

After successfully sign in, reboot your Xiaomi Device into fastboot mode.

To do that:

1). Power off your device

2). Simultaneously press Volume down + Power button (until you hear a haptic feedback)

Step 3. Connect your Device into PC to Unlock Bootloader

Finally plug to Xiaomi Phone into PC via USB cable when a notification popup that your phone is successfully connected, Now Press the Unlock Button(make sure that the computer is connected to an active internet connection).

In Conclusion

Follow the above steps carefully to get Bootloader Unlocked, If you follow all the steps, then you have unlocked the bootloader and your smartphone will Reboot with a new boot animation. Enjoy a fully Bootloader Unlocked Xiaomi Device with no issue.

Source: Xiaomi


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