Hey, Guy’s Technical Guruji Here how r u doing, hope you all are doing well. Today I’m gonna share some best android apps for December 2017. Best Android apps for December 2017 are listed down below. So make sure you have checked the full review of HTC U11 Life, but other than that let’s get started.

1Smart Lens

Best Android Apps of Dec

First up we’ve got Smart lens this is a super simple text scanner. So for example, if you see a line in a book, magazine or even an instruction manual that you want to share with someone else instead of sending them a picture. Through smart lens you can send the actual text itself, all you have to do is select the area that you want to be scanned hit the button on the bottom and then let the app to do the rest. Now you can copy the text to your clipboard you can translate it to a different language or export it as a PDF and you can even add in some of your own text into it. Overall this is a pretty handy tool to have on hand try it out.

2Material Notes

Best Android Apps of Dec

Next up we’ve got Material Notes if you’re looking for a quick clean offline and ad-free way to take notes without all the extra bells and whistles then this is a great option when writing a note. Add your title your notes then after that you can select a color to differentiate that specific note from the others there’s a checklist function which is very handy and there’s also a rich note input function where you can add lists and headings and things like that. overall it’s a very well-put-together application that just gets the job done.

3Billy: Subscription Manager

Best Android Apps of Dec

Third application on the list is a Subscription Manager knew as Billy this app aims to help you keep track of all the things that you subscribe to things like YouTube red Spotify music SoundCloud and twitch as of now it is missing some obvious services like Netflix and patreon but I’m sure those will be added to an upcoming update thankfully though, you can create your own subscriptions along with the color to go with it this is a very handy tool to have on hand to help you stay on top of things and to show you just how much you’re spending on services on a monthly basis.

4Wall of Fame

Best Android Apps of Dec

Next up we’ve got Wall of Fame this is one of the best wallpaper applications that I’ve recently come across, it’s got a nice fast and clean user interface which does have both a dark and a light mode. Also and each wallpaper has its own set of useful information about its resolution format file size source as well as its color palette the walls themselves are very very nice you’ve gotten all sorts of categories to browse through you can crop the wallpaper you can download it and choose where you want to set it whether it be your home screen your lock screen or both, all from the application itself.


Best Android Apps of Dec

Next, we’ve got the All-Day app by Adidas this is an all-in-one app for those of you that are looking to improve their health and fitness. The app aims to provide you with everything you need to know about different types of fitness as well as the inspiration and the motivation, to get you going you can easily log your activities throughout the day you can check out some healthy recipes you can add these to your log as well, and of course you can check out some great workouts to get you a nice boost or you can find out how to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. The app pairs up with Google fit to keep track of calories burned the steps you’ve taken and how far you walk and run. The app is well put together it’s loaded with information workouts and pretty much everything you need and overall this is a solid choice for those that want to stay on top of their health and fitness at app.

6Lawnchair Launcher

Best Android Apps of Dec

Number 6 we’ve got the Lawn Chair launcher, now I’m sure that a lot of you already know about this one as it’s been floating around online for some time but it’s slowly but surely making its way onto the Play Store. Lawnchair is a super clean highly customizable stock Android style launcher, taking a look at the settings you’ll see that you can change pretty much every aspect of the launcher giving you the ability to shape things the way you want them to be it’s got android oreo shortcuts and notification dots you can set adaptive icons you can adjust grid sizes and you can blurt things out. This is one of the best free launchers come across and if you’re a customization freak like I am you should definitely try this one out.

7Frozy Icon Pack

Best Android Apps of Dec

Next up we’ve got D frozy icon pack if you’re looking for bright colorful and punchy icons this is an excellent option they’re very well crafted and the pack is under great support too. So more eye is sure to be added as of now there are about 1500 different icons along with 23 different wallpapers to match this is a great icon pack to get you started especially if you’re using the air launcher and it’s sure to add a nice pop to your home screen.

8Virtual Periodic Table

Best Android Apps of Dec

Nearing the end of the list we’ve got Virtual periodic table it’s pretty self-explanatory you’ve got the periodic table of elements but this one’s shown off in a very clean smooth and responsive fashion each element has super in-depth and detailed information and pretty much everything you need to know about. It’s got some nice add-ons too, like water solubility as well as the reactive table the application has no ads which is great and overall I think this is a very handy utility if you’re looking for boost your element knowledge for school or if you’re just a chemistry fanatic try it out.


Best Android Apps of Dec

Second last we’ve got power line this application allows you to do is display certain system information on different areas of your display, so for example if you wanted to get a battery status bar you can toss that on the top of your display but you can also add another status bars things like storage, phone usage, device signal, mobile data usage, and a lot more. You can adjust the status bar thickness you can change the actual look of the status bar and more this really is a neat way to display anything that you need to know about your phone in a highly customizable and unobtrusive way.

10Particle Plexus Live Wallpaper

Best Android Apps of Dec

The Last we’ve got the particle plexus live wallpaper I actually came across this today as of the making of this Article and I just knew I had to share it with you guys, this is a super smooth particle live wallpaper that also includes the parallax effect. Now there isn’t too much going on in terms of customization but you can change the graphics quality the frames per second for a battery consumption and you can also, enable some pretty crazy looking touch reactions there is a full version that allows more customization that goes for a buck-50 but what we’ve got here is still quite nice it looks pretty amazing it works well and I think you guys will get a kick out of this one.

So Guy’s this is the full article about top 10 Best Android Apps of Dec 2017, Hope these apps were great and you enjoyed the article. Please leave a comment below, which is your fav and also share the article with your Friends and friends. Next time see you guy’s see you till then. Goodbye!


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