In recent year, creating a website is very hard for users. But this time create a website has become a game for those who are interested in technology. There is some main issue to make a website at this time like Forget coding, cryptic words like HTML and FTP. The main challenge is this to find and select a good website builder among the whole technology world. In the present time, many site builders offer a free plan for users to build their own website. They are hosted in the cloud, you don’t worry about web space. All you need a computer browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Website builders offer developers bloggers entrepreneurs, a chance to create a stunning and professional website in minutes with absolutely no investment. In this article, I have told about some best websites builders these features for users. Here is some detail about website builder they give free plans offered for users.

# 1. Wix: Best Free Website Builder


Wix is the biggest website builder in all of them. There are 90 million people in 180 countries in the entire world trust their website to wix. It has many features and attractive templates. It is a good choice to create a paid or free website. Wix has many users than any other website builder because Wix provides an easy process to make a site. Wix gives users 500MB of storage unlimited pages secure web hosting and their free plan. It is a great opportunity for beginners, photographers, and bloggers etc..

Hence, they are not any restriction for the free plan in term of templates and features. Fortunately, on mobile phones, it far less visible and also not sticky. To use your own custom domain name, you’ll need the combo plan at least, which is $11 per month, which allows you to use your own domain name (ad-supported).

  • The URL you will get for free:-
  • Download Now:- Wix

# 2. An easy way to make a site


WordPress is a powerful platform for creating and managing a simple and secure website. you can register with many unique domains like .com,.net,.org and .me in just seconds. you can also use for making the site in a few easy steps. if you want to create a site to  WordPress gives users a unique style for your site. It has millions of themes and customizable option for the user. allows users to make any kind of sites like a blog, business sites, portfolio and many more.

Web hosting is not included with WordPress. it provides the offer for one-click installation and special WordPress service for $5 per month. Read our good review for top WordPress hosting and select right for you.

  •  The URL you will get for free:-
  •   Download Now:-

#3. Weebly: Best Free Website Builder


Weebly is a free web hosting service, especially for online shopping. It is a website builder for professional e-commerce tool for entrepreneurs. Weebly has come with customizable web design and use tools to grow your ideal businesses. It is very easy to operate and build a site you get to grow and discovered your style. You can create a professional site with easy to set up and customize. Weebly has a responsive theme and an app center with third-party add ons. It has 500MB of free web space, no limit on pages and SEO setting can be edited for every page.

Weebly has a free custom domain service for 1 year and a paid annual plans. There is an App Center with additional features. Paid plans start at $8 per month.

  •  The URL you will get for free:-
  •   Download Now: – Weebly

#4. Webstars: Editors choice


Webstars is a free business website builder. When it comes to marketing it has almost 4m active user so the company has claimed to be the first free website builder entire his competitors. Webstars is similar to Wix. When you are looking to build a basic website, blog or online store the webstars is a good choice for you. you can create a website with easy step with webstars. it has many features and templates and design and themes. Webstars gives the user to 1GB of storage space to create a website, an online store for free products SEO setting can be edited for all pages.

Webstarts does not offer a mobile-optimized website view in their free plan. WebStarts interface is equipped to turn your design visions into reality, offering a good experience. Websatars include a paid plan for users $8 per month.

  •  The URL you will get for free:-
  •   Download Now:- Webstars

#5. JIMDO: Best Free Site Builder Via Apps

jimdo final

Jimdo is a free web hosting service which is operated by jimdo GMDH a company based in Hamberg ( Germany). You can create a website by Jimdo in just three minutes. you can create a beautiful site with all the new features you need for your company. In Jimdo there is no coding knowledge required. In Jimdo making a website a very easy you can make a website in just minutes, Jimdo asks a question from business information from google and facebook. After this step, you can choose a design and write own content and publish your websites. It has many templates and themes for making a website looks good. Jimdo has the mobile app you can this app use to build and edits your website.

There is a cheap Jimdo Creator plan at $7.50 per month. It will allow you to use a proper domain

  •  The URL you will get for free:-
  •   Download Now:- Jimdo

So, guys, this is the end to our article on Top 5 Best website builder. let us know in the comment section. If you enjoyed the article please share with your friends, So see you in the next article till then bye bye!


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