WhatsApp bring many features daily monthly weekly and all features are great and very interesting with that all interesting features here is a new feature today I will show you in this article with the help of this feature you can view any other status without them knowing yes you can view other status and even they will not know you have viewed their status very interesting trick and anyone can enjoy this feature you don’t have to install any third party application for this there is a WhatsApp settings just you simply have to enable or disable it to view status without knowing them.

How to view WhatsApp status without knowing them here is a full tutorial about it below I have shared full step by step tutorial so you can understand easily also below I have shared tutorial video about it so if you face any problem doing feature or reading steps then you can try video tutorial for better understanding so guys let’s take a look how its work without wasting any more time.

How to view WhatsApp status without them knowing.

Step 1. Go to your WhatsApp application settings under the setting go to account now go to privacy and in the privacy downside you can see read receipt option simply disable it.

WhatsApp feature

Step 2. After disable read receipt option now you can view WhatsApp status and your friend will never know that you have viewed their status.

Remember: after viewing the status don’t enable read receipt option because views will be shown to your friends WhatsApp, so try to keep it for 24 hours when your friend status will be automatically deleted then you can enable it.

Also keep in mind if you disable read receipt option then all the WhatsApp chatting will be privately chat means when you send text messages to someone after seeing them a blue tick appears but if you disable read receipt option blue tick will be disabled.

Video Tutorial



So guys hope this article is helpful to you and you have understand the steps easily however if you find any issue or problem you can anytime comment me below and I will try to fix the problem as soon as possible also if you like our website please share with your friends and others thank you.


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