Google Analytics is an online premium web analytics which is operated by Google. Google Analytics track our website traffic and show our page report exactly. But it is the most popular source to see exactly how your website is doing. In this platform, you can instantly see your current page views and which post is the most popular in the users and you can also know how long people spend time in your site and where are they came from. You can see also transactions, including conversion rate, revenue, and cost per transaction. In this way, you can calculate your ROAS for each campaign and how much money is this campaign delivering in revenue for every dollar you spend in advertising. At this point, you will have a good idea for your channel and you also know which types of contents are working very good on the website and which are not. And you can optimize your time to spend more on those contents that are working.


google analytics


Google Analytics is the most widely used in web analytics on the web. Google Analytics is also available for Android and IOS users.

How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress sites:

Step 1. First of all install Google Analytics. after installing you will create a Google Analytics account. To do this Google Analytics Page. You will see a screen like this is given below. If you already have a google account when you click the sign in option and if you don’t have a google account then you would create an account.

google 1 f

Step 2. Once you sign in google account you will be prompted to a screen like the given below. Here you will signup for Google Analytics with your Google Account.

google 2 f

Step 3. You will give a chance to choose between a website. and you make sure you select website. After that enter your account name, website name, website URL, country and the real-time zone of your country. Once you fill the whole form and click on the Get Tracking ID button. You will be presented with Google Analytics terms and service which you must agree to, so click on I Agree with the button

google 3 f

Step 4. Now they will be presented your Google Analytics tracking code and you will track own website traffic. you will enter the code in own WordPress site on the trick used in given below.

google 4f

. To see if your code is running, you know the t Real-Time reports in your Google Analytics dashboard. To stay updated with for latest news & gadgets, reviews follow Techmechblog on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and also subscribe to our notification bell.

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