Get Android P Features on any Android Phone

get Android p features on any Android device

Hello Guys, few month back Google has released the latest Android version the Android P but the Android P update was only for Google phones and some listed device, if you want to install Android P on your device you have to root your phone to install Custom ROM is available on the market but Custom ROM is not stable and can brick your phone.

So is there any possible method to install Google Android P or use Android P features on Android device, Yes there is a simple method by which you can use some of Android P features on Android Phones, so without wasting any more time let’s take a quick look at it, Here down below all the steps are given to get Android P features on any Android device.

These are the few applications which you have to install on your phone to enjoy Android P features.


►Always on AMOLED:
►Material Notification Shade:
►Pixel Launcher:
►Volume Slider (Android P):
►Android P Wallpaper:

Install pixel launcher on your deviceAndroid p features on any Android device.

Here are some tweaks that you must know about the latest pixel launcher. There are many changes have been done on Android P and the most common feature is the launcher and here is the pixel launcher this launcher is design and modded by XDA developer and can feature almost everything like Android P launcher. Now the virtual hovering arrow is gone, the page indicator stays inside the dock and the dock has received a new transparent overlay. Additionally, the Google Search bar has now received a new microphone icon. So these are the latest feature which is available on pixel launcher.

Note:- You have to remove previous pixel launcher if any installed on your phone.

Get Android P notification panelAndroid p features on any Android device.

There are many features available on Android P but the most likely feature is the notification panel the minimal design which gives perfect combination for the launcher, however, there is nothing new on the notification panel a just little bit of changes in the design. Anyway, you can enjoy this feature on your device by installing an application name material notification shade this application provides almost design like Android P notification panel, fully minimal design and also you can use many other features. Simply install the application and design your phone according to your needs.

Get volume menu like Android pget Android p features on any Android device

Now it’s time to change the volume menu like Android P as you know the Android P comes with the new design of volume menu and power menu. Using the volume slider application you can customize your phone almost like Android P volume menu all features are available in the application you just have to customize your phone according to your design. The volume menu gives you easy control over media volumes and allows you to put your phone in either ring, vibration, or mute mode.

Android P Always On Displayget Android p features on any Android device

The last and final application you have to install on your phone is the always on display application. Talking about lock screen there are none of any application which can face this application about lock screen using this application you can get a minimal lock screen design into your phone and as you know almost every flagship phones come with AMOLED display. So this application provides inbuilt AMOLED feature and many other features you can customize.

Android P wallpaperget Android p features on any Android device

Just like any other version Android P also comes with its own wallpaper with some amazing piece of art, these wallpapers are totally free to download for any smartphones. Simply download the wallpaper and set any of the wallpaper to the home screen of your phone.

Steps to get Android p features on any Android device.

1. Firstly download and install the pixel launcher on your phone and set as default launcher.Android p features on any Android device.

2. Now download and install material notification Shade on your phone and set theme panel to “P” as shown in the screenshot below.get Android p features on any Android device

3. Now install ‘Always on Amoled’ app on your phone and give all the permissions required and simply enable it.get Android p features on any Android device

4. Last app Volume Slider download and install on your phone and bypass all the permissions required and enable it, that’s it now we are almost done.get Android p features on any Android device

5. Final step download any Android P wallpaper from above and set to the home screen of your phone. get Android p features on any Android device


After completing the above steps you can enjoy almost features of Android p on your device minimal notification panel Android P launcher custom volume Menu Amoled lock screen and the Android wallpaper. By using this simple customization you can customize any Android device and give a look like Android p.

Hope you guys like the post and enjoy the article if this article was helpful to you please share with your friends and close one with that said see you guys on the next article till then bye bye!


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