Top 7 Apps of the Month August 2018


Let’s Start our Android app series today we will talk about the best apps of the month August. As we all know day by day we are growing and our technology around us is growing even faster than us so to stay updated we use technology in many like news update on news app world information on YouTube and even more we can’t imagine, but the thing is we need technology to know about technology.

So every month I share some new and interesting Android app which might be very used to you, even more, which will help your device from many ways, best apps come from every category like the music app, editing app, wallpapers apps also some interesting Latest apps. So guys without wasting any more time let’s start.

#1 PIXEL 4D Live Wallpaper.

Pixel 4D provide some 4k quality wallpapers with 3d parallax effect you tilt your device and you get stunning depth effect controlled by your devices motion sensors you get new wallpaper every day in this app and you can choose from various categories like superheroes space and galaxies supercars abstract you also get super AMOLED specific wallpapers that can really save a lot of battery while you have this wallpaper effect.

#2 Snow – AR Camera

Snow is a very interesting Camera application which filled with some great feature like AR Emojies and some Filters there are lots of unique Emojis and effects which will make you love with the app, as the AR features only comes with Huweai phones inbuilt but with the help of this app you can enjoy all the great features on your Android handset.

#3 Beat Racer

It’s an extremely interesting game it’s very simple you drive sideways and you jump to collect beats and avoid obstacles but you literally collect beats because those beats that you collect finally makes music and the collection of music is absolutely wonderful you collect beats you get some very good collection of electronic indie music and I certainly recommend that you play this with your headphones on pretty good volume now overall you get stunning graphics, theme is also very colorful and quite trippy now essentially you get multiple tracks that you need to go through and these are literally music tracks so you know you have those race tracks and in this game they call it music tracks that you just go on with you also get certain worlds that you unlock as you proceed and you get a list of futuristic cars that you can unlock.

#4 Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is pretty much Official Youtube App but in dark theme or in black color and we all love fame apps and here is YouTube which is probably one of the apps that you use the most and you know it’s it’s completely black so it takes care of pretty much everything within the app and there’s nothing left which is not themed to be black in color I know you can get this through as this is a similar youtube app so google doesn’t recommend on Play store, there is just one link I have it in the description below go there hit non-root downloads are you gonna need two things one is you’re gonna need micro G so that you can sign into YouTube and in that table below you can just click on the one at the top what are the two and it will start downloading the Installer and then once you install that go below and you know you’ve got a bunch of installation files for the actual app just take the top one you know hit there download it and install it you’re all set.

#5 CleanFox

It’s an essentially app that will help you get rid of all the junk and Newshelter that you keep getting in your inbox that you never signed up for so connect your email and then you know it’s gonna present you a bunch of newsletters that you keep getting in your inbox then you can decide whether you want to keep it delete it or you want to delete and unsubscribe for good so it’s this one place where you can do all of that and you don’t get any more junk ever.

#6 Glim Dark – Icon Pack

Second Last is an icon pack it’s a unique application because it can be themed as for the color that you want it’s called glim dark and of course it has icons for most apps that you wish for but it has it in multiple colors so depending on the background you can choose apps and throw them onto the home screen for the color that you like of course you can mix and match so you know you don’t have to apply a specific color and still move on but I think it looks gorgeous and you must try it.

#7 Musicana

Musicana which is a pretty well featured and well-rounded music player app in addition to looking really good it’s got a bunch of features that you can pretty much expect from any music player app it will obviously show you the list of all songs that already on your phone but it will also give you aggregate lists and playlists from around the world of various artists genres and applications and when you play your music you get this wonderful fullscreen experience it’s really gorgeous really good-looking and the album art looks really really nice in addition to that you also get lyrics so you can access lyrics off the song within the app.

So, guys, those are the top seven apps for the month of August 2018 hope you guys really enjoyed don’t forget to share and comment below which is your favorite apps, See you in the next article till bye bye!


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