Google Play Store is a digital service which is operated by Google. It is an official store to find any free and paid apps, games, movies & many more. you can find millions of games, apps, movies, and music. Google play gives you to find,enjoy& share apps games, music, movies instantly anywhere across web and android device. Google play store is full of applications that are not always easy to find ones that are really worth to try. But many developers build many apps every day for users. In this article, I reveal our best useful apps of the weeks for users. We have selected five new application suggested by our personal developers and editors.

#1. Bubble Selector

Bubble seletor

Bubble Selector is one of the most addictive game in Playstore. This trick is very simple and easy. you can see several colors on the screen and you have tap one of them from different colors and leave the rest. After that, you have to act as quickly as possible and the wrong answer makes you lose the game. The game is not very easy and simple. In many times of practice, you can be a hero of the game. More difficulties appear as the game progresses. There are two modes in the game first solo mode and second Multiplayer mode.

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#2. Sensor Charts

sensor charts

Sensor charts are the most powerful tool for record data charts automatically. It runs in phone background and all its sensor are working very fast. Sensor charts have command option to for work smarter. It is sensor data setup and a sensor box for support all Android sensor like pressure sensor, proximity sensor, Magnetometer, light sensor and many more.  While many users use their phone ‘just works’ without thinking too much about it, but many users who are more curious about the inner workings of their device will appreciate the information

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#3. SenSense


Sensence is the most popular puzzle game on the Android platform. The game is not played alone. In this game, there are three players escape a room and you will find them. you don’t need the physical location. you just need audio and visual contact. you can connect via video chat on another device. Sensence is a multiplayer challenge puzzle game. In the challenge, each player received a different puzzle. you will need to work together to solve it. Oh, and one last thing is the game is one of you will be deaf one of you will be blind one of you may not speak.

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#4. Linn: Path of Orchards

linn path of orchadas

Cresent moon games present a high graphics game on Android platform. Linn: Path of Orchards is a modern puzzle platform set in a fantastic and mysterious ancient world. In this game, you control pf Aban and exotic guardian on her journey an ancient temple in the sky to complete her mission. After complete the mission the game level increase high level. The Next level platform is very dynamics in this level you can think every move before swipe your finger in a direction and complete all levels.

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#5. Japonismes


Japonismes is another good tool for photo editing. japonismes have a good AI feature, Its artificial intelligence brings out the artistic concepts of your photo and the photo looks like modern Japanese art. Many filters are available in this tool. But it can only do that if it has been turned into a jewel that anyone who lays their eyes upon them shall marvel.

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Have you found any new apps this week? Mentioned them in the comments section!


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