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Hello, folks welcome to 2018 it’s gonna be a very exciting year for smartphones as we are gonna be seeing a lot of new trends such as very less bezels, better audio, better waterproofing, better battery life, better displays and so much more. So I added some of best upcoming smartphones we are gonna be seeing this year to talk about in this video yes there are so many to choose from but these I think are going to be the most exciting.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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So starting off from Samsung one of the companies that aren’t afraid to give you everything you need. So their latest upgrade, Samsung Galaxy S9 is gonna be their flagship phone it’s coming very soon in just a couple of months and it will be an evolutionary upgrade so, in other words, Apple’s S cycle upgrade but from Samsung there’s gonna be some mild design changes, On the back we’re gonna see a redefined camera and sensor orientation we’re gonna be seeing a slightly slimmer bezel to display it’ll look a little bit better but overall it’s gonna be design wise it very similar to the Galaxy s8 most of the changes will be happening on the inside with the new Snapdragon 845 series processor.

Overall it’ll just be a little bit sleeker a little bit cleaner than the older S8 you can also tell by this image that the overall form factor will be a little bit smaller than the s8 but the battery life will be increased by 200mAh which will be a welcome change also surprisingly Samsung will be keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack when every other company wants to get rid of it like Apple, so it will keep a lot of faithful customers in line with Samsung. It’ll be a very sleek clean and evolutionary upgrade to the Galaxy s8 but I hope that they make a lot of upgrades to the display such as 3D touch maybe 120 Hertz display and stronger speakers and the rumored launch date is on February 27th at Mobile World Congress. Samsung wants to get this phone out fairly quickly as they want to compete with the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/+ series which the Galaxy S8 is falling behind on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note 9

Coming to the next up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 after the victorious return of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is definitely gonna want to continue that momentum with the note 9 the professionally focused tablets phone now what can we expect from this year’s version so much like the galaxy S9 and S9+ the updates will be very minimal it’ll be an S upgrade for the note series so the display will be slimmed down just a little bit in the bezels and this is all according to rumor of course it will contain the snapdragon 845 series processor a gigabytes of ram will remain an exciting thing according to rumours that the Galaxy Note 9 will be Samsung’s first smartphone to include an embedded fingerprint reader underneath the display that’s gonna be really monumental and could drive a lot of annoyed iPhone X users over to the Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Folding Phone

Samsung foldable phone

We’re back talking about a folding phone from Samsung in 2018, Rumours are saying towards the end of 2018 quarter there we will be seeing Samsung’s long-awaited foldable, bending phone and apparently. the naming of this thing will also be competing with the iPhone X as it will be called the Samsung Galaxy X on paper it’ll just look similar to the iPhone X. I guess a recent patent filing also from a few days ago suggests that this thing will have a 3D touch pressure-sensitive display in order to compete with Apple’s version 3D touch.

iPhone X & X plus

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The iPhone X series in 2018 will it be called the iPhone X or the iPhone XI I really don’t know where the naming scheme is gonna go but there will be a new iPhone X and alongside with larger iPhone X plus.

iPhone 6

iphone 2018 model
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Coming up next, this one was rumored to happen in 2017 but Apple delayed it as the production issue is just for the basic iPhone X model was crazy, anyways this essentially will be a larger iPhone X with a 6.5-inch display instead of the current 5.7-inch, essentially will be the same product just a larger version of it otherwise the iPhone X series will have Apple’s A11 chip it’ll be faster possibly even a promotion display 120 Hertz that would be great to see now alongside this larger iPhone X series Apple is gonna have to do something about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus series and this is where maybe an iPhone IX.

OnePlus 6

One Plus 6
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Coming to next this one is also one of my most anticipated phones the OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 5T was a great surprise with an 18:9 aspect ratio display it definitely caught up to the rest of the smartphone competitors in terms of a display but also surpassed most in terms of speed. The OnePlus 6 will receive the Snapdragon 845 processor it’ll keep its 8GB of monstrous RAM and it’ll be a speed demon. Now the design is mostly slated to be the same but there is one key feature it might have an embedded fingerprint sensor within the display according to Gizmo China.


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Next, the phone that mostly fell off the radar the LG G Series we could be seeing a refresh the G7 but it’s slated to be called something else as Samsung faced the same problem it will not be called the G7 instead it might have an 8 or 9 in the name in order to catch up to the current iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 series than it’s supposed to be faster, this phone still has the Snapdragon 820 it should have a slightly updated more sleek looking display as this was one of the first phones with the whole bezels and it’s starting to look old in comparison to the newer ones that came after it. So the phone might feature a redesigned snapdragon 845 processor a slightly slimmer bezel display according to rumors and hopefully, the actual panel itself will be better as LG currently makes the best TV panels in the world.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi Mi Mix3
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Coming up to the next, the Xiaomi Mi 2 was originally supposed to look like according to early concepts the actual product was quite disappointing in comparison. Xiaomi Mi 2 did improve in some ways over the original but in others was actually a downgrade so I’m hoping the company goes back to its roots being known for having the most extreme concept smartphone available with the highest screen to body ratio ever and the good news is that is actually what’s rumored to happen with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 it will have a higher screen to body ratio than any smartphone on the market as well as faster internals to boots so hopefully this time around it does look a little bit more like it’s marketing as the Xiaomi Mi Mix who was quite a disappointment to me.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel3
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Next, The Google pixel 3 according to rumors there will be 3 models this year as the actual development names have been leaked the crosshatch, albacore and the blueline series one of them will be the cheaper low-end model much like the LG G5 which was not too long ago and the other two will be the Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL what will actually be different is a slightly less of bezel design on the larger XL series even the regular pixel 3 will apparently have slightly slimmer bezels better displays and snapdragon 845 on both. The pixel 2 was an amazing phone super fast so I’m looking forward to the third one.

Doogee Concept Phone

Doogee concept phone
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Lastly, I wanted to include Doogee’s new concept video they just released a smartphone they say’s phone will be releasing later this year, the Doogee slide screen it’s quite cool because it fixes a lot of these shortcomings with all bezel-less display phones which happen to be the sensors the earpiece the camera where do you put them and each phone has its own solution this one actually includes a slide mechanism which would hide them until you needed them you’d slide that back portion up and have it available to use and this way you can get a full-screen experience on the front it actually looks to be like quite a cool concept but as a result of the sliding mechanism it does seem that this design is overall a little bit chunkier than your usual smartphone so we’ll have to see but I cannot wait until they build this it seems like a very novel concept anyways guys these are the updates that we’re gonna be seeing later in 2018 of course that everything is confirmed it is in the rumor stage but I am very excited to see what 2018 brings a lot of speed improvements display improvements bezels will be shrinking and dying as usual so I can’t wait to see what happens.

So these are the Upcoming SmartPhones of 2018, hope you guy’s enjoyed the article, I’ll bring more updates on it. So stay connected with us and don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family, I’ll see you guy’s on next article till then bye bye!


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